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Alice Glass Responds To Former Crystal Castles Manager Saying He Was "Unclear" On Her Relationship With Ethan Kath

Alice Glass says her former manager was "very aware" of the situation.
Alex Glass To Leave Crystal Castles

A week ago, Alice Glass went public with her allegations that former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath. Since then the fallout has been swift for Kath. Crystal Castles has had its tour dates canceled and individuals across the music industry have publicly condemned him. When the accusations and counter-accusations were initially made, a statement from James Sandon, who used to manage Crystal Castles flew under the radar for most, but not Glass. He said to The Telegraph that in his eyes that the relationship between Kath and Glass “was never fully clear.”

Seeing this, she responded in a long statement on Instagram, pulling out receipts from a conversation five years ago and refuting his statement that he wasn’t fully aware of what was going on between them.

In her statement she says Sandon was “very aware” of their relationship and apparently called it domestic abuse in specific emails. James eventually wrote "I’ve had enough of this shit” because this happened repeatedly. She goes on to write, "the abuse that I endured was not only physical and mental from Claudio [Kath], but also seen in the negligence of those who were firsthand witnesses and did not speak up. I encourage everyone out there to help anyone that they feel is in an abusive relationship. All it takes is one person.”

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This is likely not the last we will hear from Glass or Crystal Castles. 

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