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Aphex Twin 'Windowlicker" Soundtracks New British Safe-Driving Ad

The new ad reminds you just how much can happen for the few seconds while you look down at your phone.

Aphex Twin is not one for the spotlight or really much publicity at all, but maybe he is putting himself out there a little bit with his latest move. His classic song “Windowlicker” is the soundtrack for a new safe-driving ad in the UK, the first time the song has been used in an ad.

The ad attempts to show the dangers of looking at your phone while you drive. It demonstrates, with a measure of absurdity, just how much you miss (100 feet to be exact) when you look down at your phone for just 2.3 seconds when going 30 miles per hour.

We Are From LA, who also took on Pharrell’s “Happy” video, directed the video.

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Watch the video and remember to pay attention when you drive.

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