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For electronic music enthusiasts, Austin City Limits is nearly a non starter. But where the corporate tastemakers fail to deliver, locals are happy to step in. The Movement Collective is a Berlin based group who specializes in bringing esoteric sounds to audience's ears. Lucky for us here in Texas, Austin boasts a group of passionate enthusiasts who are devoted to bringing the underground to our fair city. Grüv, a free summer party series thrown on behalf of Movement Collective, is a veritable staple for those in the city who want to explore an experience outside of the normal tech-house club bangers. 

Taking place bi-monthly under the trees and string lights of The Drafting Room on Rainey Street, it's known locally for being one of the most wholesome summertime activities. This Saturday, October 14th, is the most exciting Grüv yet. In perfect timing for ACL's madness, they have landed a booking of the year, Andrey Pushkarev, one of the world's most respected purveyors of underground sounds. Did we mention that it's a free event? 


There's no shame if you don't immediately recognize Andrey Pushkarev, but those who do would be hard pressed to miss this party. Born in Russia, he acted as a slavic tastemaker for over a decade in his role as a distributor for the fabled German label TraumBaum, and as a main man for, one of the 00s most well respected radio shows worldwide. After establishing himself as a legendary vinyl collector, he boldly staked his claim as an architect of heady sets filled with unheard of sounds and flavors. We are blessed to get him in person this weekend and we absolutely cannot wait to close out our Saturday under the lights of the Drafting Room. Check out his set below for a taste of the glorious sounds we'll be hearing this weekend!

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