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Remember, remember! The bad ass tunery of September... that's the rhyme and below are the vibes... and with the end of Summer and the final festival done and dusted, god knows we could do with a shit ton of them.

In the meantime, for any of you aspiring DJ's out there, may I encourage you to enter Viper's DJ comp - all the info can be found here. You could end up on the chart!! Either this one OR Beatport's, let's not split hairs as to the most prestigious.

The laughs last time...

"New Jam" - Teddy Killerz [RAM Records]

Teddy Killerz rinse the hardest. 

"Diorama" - Royalston [Hospital Records]

Royalston is one of my all-time favourite producers. This Australian's tunes are incredibly diverse and the new album, Popular Mechanics is coming out TOMORROW and will be pure fire. Seriously cannot recommend enough! If you pre-order now, you get a free track sent from the man himself too.

"Figure" - Koven [Viper Recordings]

Like the cream filling of an Oreo, Katie from Koven's lush vocals sit sandwiched in a tough D&B exterior. Bliss. 

"Cousin Of Zilch" - Killbox [RAM Records]

Nine months have passed since the unveiling of Ed Rush and Audio's joint project - Killbox. You can next catch them in their tandemic glory at RAM's 25th Birthday Celebrations in October. Blow them candles out - it's about to get dark.

"Kovacs" - Ed:It [Shogun Audio]

Slamming down his third EP on Shogun Audio soil is Ed:It with 'The Junction' EP. This particular tune is the product of a desire to 'introduce some gritty steppers to the dance' - mission accomplished sunshine.

"Stand Down" - Frankee [RAM Records]

Frankee's debut LP on Ram Record's is dropping shortly which is no small thing. Gigantic news for what is set to be a sensational album!! All the hype.

?$P2 - TC [Don't Play]

The title of this track decoded reads 'Where's My Money Part 2' - something I wasn't personally smart enough to figure out all that quickly. Sexcellent combo of voice over + fun tune = TC.

Recommended Articles

"Human" - Matrix & Futurebound ft. Raphaella [Metro/Viper Recordings]

Like whacking a dripping wet finger in your favorite household socket - 'Human' is a zingy offering from label bossmen Matrix & Futurebound that you should not miss.

"Omakia" - Conduct [Blu Mar Ten]

Provoking emotional response is the main aim of Conduct's game. New album, Oma (releasing Friday next week) is the embodiment of this goal, the hole in one if you will, so hang up your stompers and get ready for the feels...

"Run From You (Hugh Hardie Remix)" - Pola & Bryson [Soulvent Records]

Pola & Bryson have done a remix album! 'This Time Last Year: The Remixes' features spins on their tunes from the likes of S.P.Y and Chords.

"Run Down (Control)" - Loadstar [RAM Records]

Regarding the below track, a keen commenter on YouTube had this to say: 

"I listened and I had no control. There is pee run down my leg." 

Which I thought was sweet. Also, it really does sound like 'big tool' on repeat - good use of subliminal messaging there Nick and Gav.

"Passenger"- BMotion [Viper Recordings]

The up and coming Welsh producer working on his signature sound here. 

"San Francisco" - Fred V & Grafix [Hospital Records]

The Cinematic Party Music LP is out and live and leaping with aplomb all over our hearts and eardrums. Aplomb!! Ohhhh the glorious vibesations (that's a thing).

"Hearts In Overdrive" - Kritix ft. Deuce & Charger [Mayan Audio]

Kritix teams up with the synth stylings of upcoming D&B duo, D&C, to mourn the loss of the season with Mayan Audio's Summer compilation album. One last heatwave!

"Low Blow" - Benny L [Metalheadz]

Benny L taking us out on a banger! Stupidly, the first Magnetic chart outing for the newest member of the Metalheadz fam- where has he been all my life. Loads of sick tunes on the new 'Route Zero' EP.

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