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Black Friday Record Store Day 2017 Titles Revealed

Stack your vinyl collection for the holiday season this Black Friday.
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Record Store Day 2017

It is scary enough, but the holiday season is about to get into full swing with Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas, Hannukah, New Years all coming within the next two and a half months. Squeezed in there is the shopping disaster that is Black Friday. Avoid getting punched in the face trying to get a discount TV at Walmart and hit your local record store because Record Store Day is happening on Black Friday, starting November 24th.

The titles have been revealed with some highlights coming from Paul McCartney, Janis Joplin, Willy Nelson, Queen, Prodigy, Toto and Muddy Waters. Some are pretty rare. There will be some special holiday editions of vinyl as well and holiday music releases with the season just around the corner.

Over 1,200 record stores will participate in this.

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