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See What Happens When You Put Couples In Hotel Room For 24 Hours In New Bonobo 'Break Apart' Video

Bonobo "Break Apart" is taken from his album Migration.
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Bonobo has released an alternative video for his Migration single “Break Apart.” The video was directed by Spencer Creigh and is very different from the original released almost one year ago.

Bonobo loved the video from the very first time he saw it and decided it needed an official release.

“Spencer approached me last month with this touching video for 'Break Apart’” explains Bonobo. "I’m happy to be able to share this with everyone.”

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The new video focuses on three couples who are locked in a hotel room for 24 hours with no outside distractions. They have to spend that time with each other, focusing on each other. This isn’t some long, 24-hour video that examines the human condition, but even with the editing, you see love and the connection these people have for each other.

“I wanted to create the sensation that you, as the viewer, are somehow participating in voyeurism by watching the video” explains Creigh in a statement. “There’s this great dichotomy that you experience watching the video where you’re simultaneously moved by watching these very authentic moments of true feeling and then this uneasy feeling that you’re invading their privacy.” 

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