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Chill Out with CBD Infused Coffee and Brownies

Here comes CBD coffee and brownies to the rescue.
CBD Brownies

By 4 p.m. I usually need of an energy boost to wake me up. But, I need to take something that will still keep me productive and alert. That rules out alcohol and THC products.

Here comes CBD coffee and brownies to the rescue. The CBD in these products help my body return to a more balanced state without any psychoactive effects. A short break with a cup of coffee and a brownie and I’m good to go. Also, unlike regular coffee and brownies, the CBD helps on those days when I’m experiencing joint pain or other body aches.

When I attended PDX Hempfest Expo, I discovered Dave’s Space Cakes and I’m in brownie heaven. This Eugene, Oregon, based company focuses only on making brownies, and they’ve elevated the CBD infused brownie to an art form. While I enjoy all of their four brownie flavors, I have a particular fondness for pairing coffee with their double chocolate brownie. Bite into the crunchy outer layer of this rich dark flourless chocolate cake and savor the smooth moist center. 

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Strava Craft Coffee

Then at Indo Expo in Portland, I sampled Sträva Craft Coffee. This company based in Denver produces several varieties of CBD coffee. Their Restore, with 5mg of CBD per cup, pairs well with the aforementioned brownies. The coffee’s Colombian beans are roasted to bring out notes of walnuts and rich chocolate.

For those who are new to CBD edibles, start small. Try the coffee or a brownie on its own. See how your body feels. Then, amp up the dosage by trying one brownie and a cup of coffee. I find that this combo provides enough of a healthy jolt that I’m able to perk up and get back to work. For most people, this is all they’ll need. But for some, you may need two cups of coffee and maybe two brownies to achieve the desired effect.

As a side benefit, these products are ideal for those interested in exploring the health benefits of cannabis, but they live in a state where cannabis is not legal, which means they can be ordered online and shipped within the continental United States. 

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