While we were all too busy recovering from festival season, Halloween just popped out of nowhere. This next weekend is our favorite spooky holiday and if you are anything like me you haven't even decided on your Halloween costume let alone figured your plans for the weekend. Even though, Halloween is right around the corner, you are not doomed to have the same old Halloween this year. Chicago's nightlife blows up the weekend before Halloween, so this year you don't have to worry about what you are going to do for your spooky holiday. We, at Magnetic, found some events that are guaranteed to be a good time this Halloween. 

SpyBar- Skream Open to Close

Whenever, I feel like having the true Chicago nightclub experience with it's dark basements and foggy dance floors, I go to SpyBar. SpyBar has the best look for a Halloween experience in Chicago. The nightclub is small and intimate with a dimly lit dance floor, it gives off the perfect vibe for Halloween. This Saturday, Skream will be playing from open to close. Skream is a UK dubstep producer that has the most perfect name for the holiday. He will keep you going all night with your best friends. This is s going to be one of your cheaper options this Saturday, with the tickets going for $25-$30 online, an added bonus. 

Concord Music Hall Weekend

For another year in a row, Halloween does not fall on a weekend, which usually means on Halloween night we are all tight asleep in our beds getting ready for work the next day. But that doesn't mean Halloween is off. Concord Music Hall is not letting this holiday pass by so easily. This year the club has a whole weekend planned for Halloween this year with Kayzo, Gorgon City, and Nahko. The Concord is one of Chicago's voted favorite venues, so it is only fitting that you check it out this weekend to see why everyone in the city boasts about it. This Thursday, Kayzo will start our weekend off right as part of React Presents Freaky Deaky another one of our events you have to see this weekend. Kayzo will be followed by Gorgon City on Friday as another part of React Presents legendary Freaky Deaky. On Saturday, Nahko will be calming us down from our crazy weekend with beautiful melodies.

Porn and Chicken - Anything Goes Halloween 

Porn and Chicken give us crazy parties every Monday night at the Mid, this Halloween Monday will be no different. Porn and Chicken are constantly going crazy and feeding you chicken for your soul. The Monday before Halloween, the group has already prepared us by saying "Anything Goes," but to be honest, we are not prepared in the least bit. The group is known for outrageous parties with porn on the TVs around the club and a dancing chicken feeding you shots. While Halloween week, they do not have a theme, just come in your best costume that you aren't worried to get a little messed up. If you have nothing to do next Tuesday morning, we highly recommend you celebrate Halloween Monday at the Mid with Porn and Chicken. Just leave your judgement at the door. 

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Afterlife and Paradigm Presents- Rooftop Affair

Paradigm Presents events hold a special place in my heart. I love getting my day started with one of the companies Funky Brunch events. This year, Afterlife and Paradigm are giving us a rooftop party with UMEK, a techno legend. When we first found out that the event would be a rooftop party, we were a little worried, Chicago is not the warmest in October. The company thankfully gave us the heads up that the party will have a tent and be heated, so no worries wearing whatever costume your heart desires without having to worry about the cold. Paradigm presents throws the perfect show every time, so if you are looking for a solid show, head there this Saturday. We could not be more stoked for the view we are about to see from the rooftop while dancing all night long. 

React Presents - Freaky Deaky

Every year since 2008, Chicago has been blessed with React Presents Freaky Deaky. Ever since it's start the event has grown bigger and bigger with more amazing line-ups. The event started as just a one day show until recently when it blew up to a three day festival. This year, it seems React Presents is going back to it's roots and giving us one day events but eight of them in different locations as part of their Midwest Halloween Takeover. You can make this a whole weekend event by traveling to Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor. If you don't want to stay in one place this weekend and travel around to see different artists this is going to be the perfect way. Some of the line-ups include Bassnectar, Griz, Dillon Francis, and Zomboy. Read our article on Freaky Deaky as to why you need to head to one of React Presents' events this coming weekend.  

Tell us what you are doing to celebrate this Halloween weekend in the comments below. 

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