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Time To DDR: Porter Robinson Announces New Project Virtual Self With Single

Porter Robinson brings things back to the Ekowraith days with this new project.
Virtual Self

Whoa buddy, that came out of nowhere. Porter Robinson like a bat out of hell just announced a brand new project and a new single with it. He is taking on the moniker Virtual Self and released the first single “Eon Break.” If you wanted an idea of what it sounds like, just be ready to DDR (dance dance revolution for those who forgot).

The song brings things back to before Worlds era Porter Robinson, before Spitfire EP Porter Robinson, hell even before Porter Robinson. This is some Ekowraith music, but with a bit of a modern Porter spin on it.

Porter has spoken in the past about how dissatisfied he can feel with his past music and how difficult it can be to write music he likes, so this must be the direction he has taken now.

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Now lets just get a DJ From Mars remix so we can recreate the magic from that “Waiting For Tonight” remix.

Porter still has plenty of gigs for the rest of the year, so he isn't going away, but we will have to see what is in store for Virtual Self. 

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