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Dead Robot X Saphir - Vampire

Dead Robot and Saphir Team Up On Their New Track "Vampire"
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Dead Robot, in a collab with Saphir, appropriately released their new song titled Vampire on Friday the 13th and while we are a little late in sharing this with you, it's definitely worth checking out.

Overall the track is just awesome, with a full and innovative air that seems to spark an emotional curiosity as the sounds and lyrics melt together into a treat for your ears. The track opens when a grimy synth flows into the seamlessly matched bass line and rolling beat. These sounds coincide to establish the foundation of the sound. As the beat initially comes in, the vocals quickly widen the sound, filling the depth. This, in junction with a melodic synth sound that splashes into the audio range like a wave, work to cool the fire of the gritty bass sounds that carry the track. As it builds, a sense of angst becomes ever more evident in the vocals and overall sound, which finds some release at the next drop. The full and rolling beat elevate, uplifting the overall excitement to even greater emotional wonder. 

Throughout the song, not even the lyrics resolve the feelings of uncertainty that the music evokes. Being young and reckless, as is vocalized, is one method for coping with an uncertain feeling. This can let feelings of uncertainty evolve to become a fun curiosity, as the music in the song allows. Stay tuned for more music from both of these very talented artists and listen to "Vampire" down below. 

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