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Halloween is less than a month away, but it feels like everyone has just skipped the holiday and gone straight to Christmas. With every department store decorated in the most over the top Christmas decorations, we just wonder what happened to our spooky holiday. Thankfully, React Present isn't going to let this holiday blow over. For it's ninth year, React Presents is giving us one of our favorite Halloween events, Freaky Deaky.

Every year since Freaky Deaky's beginnings in 2008, the event has grown larger and larger. The festival once began as a single day event to show off your best Halloween costume. The event found it's home in Chicago's beloved Congress Theater. Throughout the event's growth, React Presents found larger venues. When the event became a Halloween Chicago staple, it moved to Aragon Ballroom with fans crowding the floor to the mezzanine. 

While we were sad to move from the Congress Theater, the move only showed where Freaky Deaky was heading. One of biggest changes happened in 2015, when Freaky Deaky became a three-day festival and moved it's home to Toyota Park. Attendees now had three stages to choose from all night, sprawling crowds to spread out, carnival rides and some amazing carnival classic foods. 

This year, React Presents has gone back to it's roots with a twist. For awhile, React Presents kept silent over Freaky Deaky, which had many a little worried that the event would not happen this year. However, out of the blue React Presents, finally, announced Freaky Deaky would no longer be a three-day festival at Toyota Park. This year, React Presents announced Freaky Deaky's Midwest Takeover. Freaky Deaky will span three different cities including Chicago, Wisconsin, and Michigan and will cover four days. Everyday has a fantastic line-up with artist such as Griz, Dillon Francis, and Zomboy

Freaky Deaky Line-Up

There was a lot of push back when React Presents announced that the company was not going to continue their Halloween festival for a third year. People were unhappy that they would not be able to show off their three different costumes and dance all day and night for three days with their Halloween crew. Soon bloggers and Facebook pages flooded with empty claims that React Presents was losing money and could not afford another festival. While none of these people can actually attest to React Presents losing money, we must remember that the festival and electronic dance industry is a murky industry where to get ahead your company has to constantly reinvent itself and it's events. The industry is constantly up and down, we see this with TomorrowWorld disintegrating in front of our eyes from one bad year. React Presents is seemingly reinventing Freaky Deaky in order to keep up with this rollercoaster industry and giving it's fans something new to be excited for. 

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While many have said this is a step in the wrong direction for React Presents, we can only see it has proof of their dedication to the Midwest. Putting on eight shows on in four days with four of those shows happening on the same day in three different states is going to show what React can really do for its attendees. Hosting a three-day festival is no joke, but this will test the companies reach and resources. Because of this, we can only see it as a step towards a bright future for Freaky Deaky. 

Let's be honest, I want to be at all of those events and be dancing all through Halloween weekend, but my main concern was getting to each location and finding a decent priced hotel. When I first found out about the events, I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but React Presents has your and my back, again. They partnered with hotels near every venue to give us discounts! Not only that, but their venues in Chicago and Milwaukee are perfectly placed so that we can all just party on the Amtrak to get to Freaky Deaky with the Wisconsin Center just blocks away from our stop. Now, you have no excuse not to go!

While every single show this year is going to be amazing, we are super hype over October 27th at the Wisconsin Center. React Presents is giving us GRiZ, Flatbush Zombies, Boogie T, Opiuo, and Plaid Hawaii. All of these artists have their own sound and completely separate genres that we are going to be blessed with a mixture of sounds all night. From Plaid Hawaiis beautiful tropical house to Griz's future funk we will be dancing all night. As well, no hassle to get to with React Presents hosting the party in the Wisconsin Center which is a tiny walk right from the Amtrak. 

Luckily, you can still get tickets to all your events. I would hurry, this year's Freaky Deaky passes are going fast. See you there!

Tell us how you feel about the new Freaky Deaky set up in the comments below!

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