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Los Angeles is a huge, sprawling city with many different scenes within the electronic music spectrum and to be fair, many of them choose to import the artists that represent their mission. Although, a group of local producers recently came together under the direction of Krafted label-partner, Redux Saints championing the deeper and darker sounds of the L.A. underground. A sound being labeled as "Deep Tech L.A." and Krafted is showcasing this newly coined sound on their upcoming compilation, DTLA - Volume 1. Due out this coming Friday the 20th of October.

Shanto & Contessa of Sunday Sanctuary feature on the comp along with local stalwart, JJ Flores, and of course Krafted label-partner, Redux Saints. Here they all are to tell you about this new project:

Deep Tech - LA Volume 1 is due out on Krafted Records this Friday, October 20th.

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