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In The Know: Weekly Music News Summary, October 6, 2017

SoStereo’s weekly music and advertising news round up

Spotify & Groove Music Partner:

Microsoft is shutting down its failed streaming service, Groove Music. The app will still support your music and playback, but the store is shutting down, effectively ending the service. With it getting shut down, they are offering a solution to those people who might have still used Groove – switch to Spotify. Microsoft is offering an easy way to port over your music to Spotify and Spotify is offering a free trial of premium. This is a huge win for the Swedish streaming service to potentially get a whole bunch of new users in one fell swoop.

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Huka Entertainment In Trouble?

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Huka Entertainment, a large promoter in the Southeast appears to be in pretty big trouble following reportedly the exit of their CEO Evan Harrison. The company has not updated their social media accounts since May and they were the promoter for Pemberton Music Festival, which declared bankruptcy this year. A 20-page report by Bankruptcy Trustee Ernst & Young found HUKA guilty misrepresenting its financial obligations. The company is no longer associated with Buku Music & Arts Festival according to Billboard. It still has a few other events on its roster, but it appears as though the company may be on its last legs.

Congressmen Introduce Bill To Create Small-Claims Court For Creators:

A bi-partisan group of congressman (shocker right?) have introduced a bill to create a copyright small claims court. It would give creators, notably small or independent ones, recourse to seek damages for improper use of their work by others. It could be huge for photographers and visual artists who are not credited properly or have their work stolen frequently. The payouts from copyright cases can be high, but so can litigating them, so often artists can’t even start one in the first place. The CASE Bill, as it is called, would allow creators to represent themselves or with pro-bono law students.

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EDM Magazine Sold For $2.5 Million:

EDM Magazine has been sold for $2.5 million and will relaunch as a trade-specific magazine. EDMtv Network acquired the magazine. Former DJ Mag editor Lesley Wright will come on as the Editor-In-Chief. The new-look magazine will launch in late November. 

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