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Industry Spotlight Interview & Playlist: Beatrice Veronica Amador of One Love Experience

Learn more about festival producer Beatrice Veronica Amador and One Love Experience.

Something very special is about to happen in Lake Perris, CA. Next weekend, the Lake Perris Recreation Area just sixty miles out of Los Angeles will be transformed into an amalgamation of light and sound with the One Love Experience. Offering a diverse lineup of live and electronic musicians, musical highlights include Moby, Kerli, The Polish Ambassador, Desert Dwellers, and Mark Farina. True to its status as a transformational fest, One Love will offer much more than music, with various yoga workshops and speakers, water sports and art cars, boats, and installations on beautiful Lake Perris. This year's festival will champion multiple stages, 24-hour music on art cars, lakeside camping, sunset bonfires on the beach, and much more. In honor of the upcoming One Love Experience, I had a chance to catch up with Beatrice Veronica Amador.

Veronica Amador

Since 2004, Beatrice Veronica Amador's name has become synonymous with the term production professional. After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Commercial Music, Veronica was hired on to work for renowned hip-hop promoter, Guerilla Union. At Guerilla Union, Veronica delved into all aspects of festival planning with their brands Cypress Hill Smokeout, Paid Dues, and Rock the Bells. 


What was your vision for the One Love Experience? 

I struggle to find balance between my spiritual and physical life everyday. One Love is the festival manifestation of that same struggle. In the day we set the stage for transformation with yoga, speakers, and enlightenment workshops. Then at night, we overload the senses with psychedelic visuals, bass, house, and dancers. It's a celebration of sexuality, consciousness, and being human. It's about embracing all of your senses. It's about exploration.  

Can you please tell us more about the location for this year’s One Love Experience? 

This year we decided to move to Lake Perris because we wanted to be at a venue that would let our vendors stay open all night, be able to music all night and that had camping that was far away from any sound. A lot of families come to our events and many of our attendees want to attend sunrise meditation or yoga. Lake Perris has a campground with permanent showers and restrooms. There are lush fields for our main stages and a beach where we can swim or ride jet skis during the day and play music at night. It's all set against this beautiful lake with an island in the background. It's a venue we can really expand into with hikes through the fields and an island camping experience. My imagination went wild when I first visited the grounds. This year One Love is a small example of what we can do with that venue.  


What do you look for in your collaborative partners with the One Love Experience? 

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I like collaborating with good people who live to inspire others to be better. I'm a bit of an idealist. I want to make the world a better place. I got into live events because of the unity that's experienced from thousands all dancing and playing to the same beat. I look for that light in everyone I work with.  

How did you curate your lineup for the One Love Experience? 

The lineup is a collaboration between multiple community leaders in the electronic and transformational realms. Kenneth Schwenker, Founder of One Love and Bhaktifest; Christopher Jackson, Founder of Grateful Generation and ABunDance; Cyril Bitar, Founder of Minimal Effort and Clinic; divaDanielle, Founder of Camp Charlie, and DJ Lou E Bagels Founder of the Dirty Beetles. I'm Veronica Amador. I've got 60 festivals, 130 club shows, and six international tours under my belt. We're a startup with limited resources and a big vision and we are going to make magic happen next weekend. We're the Voltron of the LA conscious electronic scene. It's not to be missed. Trust.  

What in particular would you like attendees to take away from this year’s One Love Experience? 

I want people who come to our festival to experience themselves as the powerful forces of nature that they are through connecting with all the different communities that curated One Love. My favorite moment at a festival happens immediately after the chaos of the rush to get in. At first, the energy is all over the place. But after a few sets or classes, after some good live music and into the sunset, the universal consciousness takes hold and we are all at peace. We are all one. I want people to experience that with us, and do everything in their power to take that feeling home with them in their everyday life.  


What do you have in mind for the future of the One Love Experience? 

Our partners, the AR Firm, are debuting their augmented reality experience at One Love. I envision One Love becoming an amalgamation of musical, technological, and artistic experiences. Virtual reality meets augmented real life all live streamed so a holographic version of yourself can hang with me and my friends at the show while you chill out in your living room. 

Be sure to check out the One Love Experience happening next weekend in Lake Perris, CA. It's sure to be a very magical weekend. Check out the One Love playlist in order to get a sneak peek at next weekend's amazing musical lineup. 

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