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Interview: Discover Portland’s Coolest 420-Friendly Bed & Breakfast

You’ll love spending time at The Doctor’s House!
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The Doctors House

Even though cannabis is recreationally legal in Portland, it’s not always easy to find a 4:20 friendly bed & breakfast. That’s one of the many reasons why ganja lovers will enjoy booking a room at The Doctor’s House, a beautiful home built in 1924 (rumor has it, this house may have been a speakeasy back in the day) that’s located in on Alberta Street near some of the best bars, restaurants, galleries the city has to offer. Perfect for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and families, The Doctor’s House welcomes cannabis consumption and offers two rooms to choose from: Pineapple Express & Blue Dream. Not to mention, every morning guests wake up to warm muffins, hot coffee, and good vibes. MAGNETIC caught up with Bill “The Doctor” Stewart to learn about the art of being a good host and what guests can expect during their visit.

What inspired you to start a Bud & Breakfast?

I’m an extreme extrovert, and I thrive from having people around me, so running a B&B is like travel in reverse. I get to meet all kinds of cool people from all over the world and I never have jet lag.

What can a visitor expect when staying with you?

I try to think of everything that I would want on a vacation. We have a nice breakfast every morning with good coffee and freshly baked pastries. I always have spare toothbrushes, razors and other supplies in the “I forgot” drawer. Plus, snacks are available all day. We’re a super cannabis-friendly environment. Due to Oregon law, we cannot give anything containing cannabis to guests, but we’re always happy to steer you towards great dispensaries and experiences. You’re welcome to consume anywhere on the property. And, if I’m having an event, like one of my cannabis cooking classes, guests are always invited free.

Tell us about the two rooms you rent out.

We have two rooms, both named after cannabis strains because that’s just how my brain works. The Blue Dream Room is on the street side of the house, but is still pretty peaceful. It has a super-comfy king size bed. The Pineapple Express room faces the yard, and has an equally comfy queen. There’s free wi-fi, plenty to read (including a vast comic book collection), personal air filters by Smokebuddy if you want to have a joint in your room, bluetooth speakers for your tunes, and AC.

Tell us more about The Doctor’s House.

The house was built in 1924, and combines Deco, Dutch, and English styles. It has gorgeous tilework and parquet floors. We have a big salt-glazed tile Rumford fireplace in the living room, a detached garage that contains a pottery studio with solar panels on the roof. The entire house is decorated with antiques and art. The rooms are very pretty and inviting. We also have a tiny house in the backyard, as well as a school bus that’s being converted into a tiny house because we’re Portland AF.

Describe a typical day at The Doctor’s House.

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I usually get up around 6:30 a.m. or so to make coffee and bake. We have it set up so that breakfast is available whenever you get up. My housemate Jimmy is usually up early beautifying the garden or working in his pottery studio. We have a fairly unique style of companion planting in the garden that consists of tomato plants, basil plants, pot plants, repeat. It’s not at all unusual to have some local musicians rehearsing in the back yard or the living room. Guests can hang out and enjoy the place. You’re very welcome to use the kitchen and laundry, too. We’ve even had groups get together for dinner in the dining room for dinner every night while they’re here and a few parties have been known to break out, often with people who had never met each other before. It’s a pretty happy place.

Why is it called The Doctor’s House?

I’m a pretty big Doctor Who fan, and his TARDIS (space/time ship) is famous for being blue on the outside and bigger on the inside. The Doctor’s House is blue on the outside, and the first comment I hear from most people is how much bigger it looks once inside, so it seemed like a pretty natural fit.

How does the city of Portland enhance a visitor’s experience?

Portland is such a unique place—very friendly, creative, and artistic. All kinds of great food and fun experiences around every corner, many of them within walking distance. You’d have to be pretty determined to be bored.

What are some fun things people can do in your neighborhood?

We’re about 100 steps from the Alberta Rose Theater, which has all sorts of live performances. In fact, we have a lot of people who will stay here to go to a show rather than drive home late. Plus, at intermission when everybody is queued up for the bathroom, you can just walk across the street! The Alberta Arts district has all kinds of great art galleries, including the excellent Guardino Gallery across the street. 

We’re also in walking distance of three great pizza parlors, three excellent Thai places, four terrific Mexican restaurants, and a bunch of awesome coffee shops, as well as gems like Bernie’s, Aviary, Beast, Yakuza, and Expatriate. Also, one of my favorites, Random Order, which serves drinks and every possible kind of pie, from cream pies, fruit pies to pot pies (not to be confused with pies containing cannabis). We also have fun shops, as well as great family and art activities. One of my favorites is at Green Bean Books, a local kids’ book store. They have a monthly Drag Queen Story Time, with one of our local drag performers reading a book and then leading a crafting activity. It makes me inordinately happy to live in a neighborhood where that’s a thing.

What are you top three recommendations for places a visitor should visit while in town?

Just three? That’s a toughie. If I had to pick one dispensary, it would be Farma on Hawthorne, run by the King of the Pot Nerds Jeremy Plumb. He knows things about cannabis you can’t even imagine. And Emma Chasen leads Farma’s education sessions, so they have the most educated budtenders in town. I love walking on the Tilikum Bridge...absolutely awesome. 

If you can catch a performance by Wanderlust Circus or MarchFourth Marching Band, do it. They, and some of their other performing friends, put on the single best show in Portland every December at the Alberta Rose Theater called “White Album Christmas.” A fifteen piece band plays the entire Beatles White Album (including Revolution Number 9) from beginning to end, accompanied by circus acts, and usually some pointed political commentary. I’ve been every year since moving to Portland. Bonus Pro Tip: If you feel the need to visit VooDoo Doughnut, go to the one on NE Davis instead of the one downtown. There’s almost never a line, and the servers are in a better mood.

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