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“There was a lot of shifting going on for me on the business side of my work and since I had the time to be alone with myself in my studio, I had time to reflect on where I came from and where I’m going,” shares Tony Ozier on the inspiration behind his song “Real1 Day1” off the album AutoTone. “It made me really appreciative of the people in my life who have been down with me since Day 1. Loyalty is something that’s very hard to find. This song arose from my gratitude.” While Ozier is grateful for the amazing people in his life, MAGNETIC is grateful to have heard the fresh and funky tunes on AutoTone about a month ago.

“Real1 Day1” really caught our attention, so when we heard Ozier was about to drop the video for the track, we asked the prolific artist to share some insight about the creation of the song and video.

How does “Real1 Day1” fit in with the rest of the tracks on AutoTone?

AutoTone is about love. It’s sending love to all my “Real1s Day1s”—those that have supported me since the beginning.

Why did you choose to work with Jae Lava on this track?

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I was listening to some of Jae Lava’s old videos on Instagram. We worked together a few years back, so I was already a fan. When I cut my verse and hook, he came to mind because I knew his flow would be perfect for the beat. I sent it to him and he responded almost immediately with, “I’m gonna kill this!” And, he did.

What was your vision for the “Real1 Day1” video?

Justin Gabriel and I shot this video renegade style. I was cooking up some burgers and dogs for us to eat while we shot. Justin decided to film me at the grill. But, after that, it was all Justin. He had a strong vision, and I was very supportive of his ideas.

Any fun behind the scenes stories about the making of the video?

So, we are in my studio getting ready to go and shoot, and Justin fires up the drone and crashed it into a table! Crash a drone in the studio…Check.

Any interesting facts about the creation of the song? The process?

This is the only song on AutoTone that has an acoustic instrument on it. During the time I was in the creative zone producing the EP, my friend lent me an autoharp. I had never heard one used in hip hop and R&B, so I decided to challenge myself. I played those chords on the autoharp and then I put the DooDoo Stank on the autoharp to give it that funk! I played it for my production partner Key2C over the phone and freestyled the hook. He said, “I hope you were recording that!” I wasn’t, but luckily he remembered most of it and we got it laid down. Once I had that, the melody just came.

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