Is Las Vegas Still A Nightlife Favorite?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Sin City is still a top nightlife destination in a post EDM world.
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Whilst American cities like Chicago and Detroit have provided a suitably industrial backdrop to the origins of electronic dance music, it seems that this futuristic music is now finding a home for itself amidst the casinos of Las Vegas.

The desert city in Nevada may be well known for its table games and slot machines, but a new generation of mega-clubs are proving to be capable of attracting the world’s top DJ talent.

So whilst Atlanta’s Imagine Music Festival have delivered a cool Your Slot Here DJ mix contest, it seems that it’s a different kind of slots that’s bringing dance music fans to Las Vegas.


Nowhere is this more evident than at Sin City’s luxurious Mandalay Bay casino and resort. Whilst its slots games continue to draw a traditional Vegas crowd, it’s the addition of the Light nightclub that shows what dance music in this fun-loving city is all about.

With residencies from stars like DJ E-Rock, DJ Neva and Kid Funk, alongside hip-hop icons like Ludacris, Tyga and T-Pain, the Light nightclub offers a strong selection of talent within its glamorous confines, plus the addition of its legendary pool parties continue to make this one of the USA’s top dance music venues.

Such impressive ventures show how casinos have had to adapt to the times to stay profitable. Whilst these gambling establishments achieved incredible popularity in the mid 20th century, they’ve been hit with falling revenues as a result of online competition that allows casual gamers to play new casino games every month at Royal Vegas. And so many casinos have sought to diversify their attractions to a younger attraction through some glamorous dance music offerings.


As a result the city has no end of upmarket dance clubs like XS Las Vegas, Oddfellows and Surrender that are all trying to attract the top DJ talent to bring the crowds back to the Las Vegas Strip.

And whilst places like the Hyde Bellagio and Drai’s Beach Club include a costly admission fees, there are plenty of more cost-effective options. In particular underground clubs like After show that dance music doesn’t have to come with a massive price tag in Las Vegas.

So whilst the city might still be renowned for its casino games, it seems as though is quickly becoming one of the world’s best places for dance music.

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