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Jacques Greene Accuses Christopher Port Of Copying 'Afterglow' Video Idea

The similarities are uncanny.
Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene is accusing Australian producer Christopher Port of copying his “Afterglow” music video. Port released the video video for his recent single “Everything In Quotes” via Future Classic on October 19th and the similarities between the videos did not go unnoticed by Greene.

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In a series of tweets, Greene pointed out how the video uses the same pattern with two images running side by side with similar colors and fonts for text. It is hard not to see the similarities when you see them back-to-back.

However, On these things there is always plenty of grey area. How involved was the artist in the creation of their visuals? Do they just rubber stamp it at the end or do they actually get involved creatively? It is hard to imagine someone like Port not knowing about Jacques Greene. They are too similar and Greene’s album has been widely praised among the best in electronic music this year.

LuckyMe, Greene’s label, has been pointing out various other copycats on their social media for the past few months, so this isn’t anything new. 

"This is just a symptom of the internet and we’re flattered this record had resonance," says LuckyMe founder Dominic Flannigan to The Fader. "Every image Hassan Rahim, Jacques Greene, Mathieu Fortin and Mauries Matos created was an original to evoke a life flashing before your eyes - small moments served as metaphor for human phrases in this euphoric music."

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