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Justin Jay Takes You On A Fantastic Journey Around His Home For The New Album

Justin Jay shares his five favorite spots around LA in honor of his new album Home.
Justin Jay

Justin Jay Big Hair

LA producer, DJ and musician, Justin Jay has released his second full-length album Home. After his debut, Fantastic Voyage, still something wasn’t right. So after some time thinking, he came to his parents place and started writing. That became the base for this album, which sprawled with collaborations and basic voice recordings into Home. In the spirit of his home, Southern California, we asked Justin Jay to take us to some of his favorite places around LA. Stream the album below and read on to see what makes LA home to Justin Jay.

1. Brentwood Country Mart:

This was THE SPOT. In high school, me n my friends would regroup at the c mart on Sundays after a crazy weekend. Has a bunch of unreal restaurants, Reddie Chick being the most hyped. Crazy good fried chicken. Big shout out to Frida's Tacos, also a great bookstore to browse while waiting for food. Whenever I'm on the west side and trying to grab lunch/catch up with a homie, the Country mart is generally my first choice.

Brentwood Country Mart

2. Nature's Brew:

This spot opened up while I was in college at USC. I probably have eaten there more times than any other restaurant. Such a good menu that's both healthy and delicious. Amazing smoothies and would generally bump into friends there. The chef is a homie and I've seen him around at Fantastic Voyage house parties at SC. That makes me pretty happy.

Nature's Brew

Nature's Brew

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3. Yuko Kitchen

I just moved to mid city and Yuko Kitchen has become my new go to lunch spot. It's in an unassuming alley, has amazing rice bowls, and a super vibey outdoor seating area. 

Yuko Kitchen​

4. Volcano Tea

Another staple of my childhood. Volcano tea is the late night boba spot where my homies and I would meet up. It's also great after a long night of work. It's on Sawtelle right by all of these amazing Japanese restaurants. Always a pleasure dropping by for late night boba.

Volcano Tea

5. BCD Tofu House:

On certain nights out, the party ends and you need a small late night snack before bed. On nights where you need a huge epic Korean feast, there's BCD Tofu House. Their combos come with so much food and it's all quality. This place has saved my life, many times at the end of those late nights on the dance floor. 

BCD Tofu Hosue

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