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Las Vegas Attacks Reminder Events Are Vulnerable, But Living In Fear Is Not The Answer

The terrorist attack showed once again that concerts are vulnerable, but living in fear is not the answer.
Las Vegas

The Las Vegas terrorist attack that left 59 dead and another 500+ injured was a reminder that yes, an attack can come at just about any moment by someone who means to do harm no matter how skilled the authorities are at catching and stopping people. However living with that fear in your mind would be crippling and exactly what these people want. You living your life to the fullest is exactly what these terrorist lunatics don’t want.

As the US comes to grips with the ramifications of the Las Vegas attack, there are those trying to figure out how to prevent another from happening. What was the problem? Too many guns? Is it too easy to get high-powered guns? Well of course not. There is no way that could be an issue if you listen to the NRA. Hotel security? Potentially. How did he get all of those guns into a room without being detected, but then again do you want all of your bags to be checked at all times?

So while those who are supposedly supposed to do something about this pontificate, obfuscate and deflect until another mass shooting sadly inevitably happens, the rest of us are left with what we can do. Should we be worried about our lives? Will concerts be safe?

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Some in the Las Vegas dance music industry are starting to wonder if their events are going to be safe according to Billboard, notably the pool parties. Many pool parties are associated with hotels and far enough away to not cause noise disturbances when you have the likes of Kaskade or Tiësto on the decks, but high-powered rifles and machine guns can travel a long way. It is a brave new world when these things happen.

The problem with this is that if you worry this much about your event as an attendee and the potential for danger from surrounding areas, the possibilities for attacks becomes endless. Will transportation be attacked on the way to a festival? How far a perimeter do you need to establish outside your event to prevent someone from trying to attack it? It becomes crippling to think about.

At some point you just have to accept that nothing will be 100% safe. That was always the case and still will be. But you can’t let it paralyze your thinking or else your way of life will be crippled. 

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