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London Club, Styx, Getting Turned Into Cold War Nuclear Winter Themed Immersive Experience

The takeover will occur from from December 6th to February 24th.
Nuclear Winter

This winter, London will have a new and fun historic club experience to take in. immersive events specialists, RIFT will take over STYX for a Cold War themed event titled Nuclear Winter from December 6th to February 24th.

It claims to be a “tongue in cheek journey to both sides of the curtain,” bringing in influences from the Soviet Union, The United States and other players during the cold war. There are four installed areas as you explore the era with food, drink and performance art like comedy, music and cabaret. It is an immersive experience for everyone who goes that uses the full venue. There also will be different themes for different parts of their term as it transforms into different supper clubs. Get more details here

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