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Meet Mighty - The Portable Media Player For Spotify That You've Been Dreaming About

The Mighty takes over where the iPod Shuffle left off, super portable music for those that want to travel light.

I love Spotify for its convenience and infinite catalog, but working out with my iPhone 7+ or doing any activity that requires a lot of movement is kind of like having a small child attached to you. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but overall it's not great, and iPod shuffles are no more so this has kind of left an opening in the market. 

Meet Mighty, a small clip-on media player that is roughly the size of a pack of wood matches and weighs almost nothing. This revolutionary player works with Spotify Premium via an app on your phone and can hold up to 1000 songs via playlists that you create in Spotify.

The player is water/drop resistant, lasts for about five hours AND works with your Bluetooth headphones. Welcome to the wireless future my friends, this is what we have all been waiting for. 

I tested out the Mighty on a recent trip to Miami to get a better feel for this little guy. From the gym to the plane to just walking around the player performed great all around. I paired it with a pair of Rowkin Surge workout buds and used my V-Moda Crossfade 2s with a wired connection. 

Mighty Promo Photo

Mighty Promo Photo

My Thoughts: 

- The player works a lot like a shuffle, there is no screen, and you interface the player via the app. The key here is to make great playlists and name them well. A little button on the upper right lets you scroll through your playlists by giving you an audio cue via a Siri like (not as sexy) voice that indicates which playlist you are on. 

- The Mighty has a built-in clip that lets you clip the player to your shirt, shorts, etc. when you are using it. The player also slides easily into your pocket if you are just walking around town. 

- The sound is decent for a small device using true wireless headphones and will please most people that want to just listen to music when they are working out or in transit. This player is not for audiophiles or serious sound nerds, just keep on trucking if that's what you are looking for or get an Astell&Kern Ak Jr HD player.

If you are looking for a device that will let you take your Spotify Playlists off your phone and into a much smaller device, the Mighty is a must. It will change the way you work out in a big way and just might be your new go-to player for commuting as well. 

MSRP $85.99

Visit the Mighty Website Here.

We caught up with Mighty Founder and CEO Anthony Mendelson for a quick interview about how the Mighty came to be. 

Anthony Mendelson - CEO & Founder

Anthony Mendelson - CEO & Founder

The Mighty has solved a big problem for a lot of active people, how did you come up with this idea? Tell us a little bit about how you got started.

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I'm a music lover, a wannabe athlete, and a gadget geek, so Mighty is the intersection of all of my passions. I was an early streaming music adopter and loved having access to such a vast library of songs, but I hated that my music was becoming prisoned in my phone. The athletic use case is an obvious one, but there are a lot of other reasons for wanting music without your phone. Commuters who don't have a connection, children who don't have a phone, international users who don't want to pay for data, and disconnectors who simply want to disconnect from digital distractions are a few more use cases.

I thought there must be a better way to listen to music on-the-go. So I borrowed from the success of portable music players of the past (like the iPod Shuffle - RIP) and conceptualized a new age music player that would work with streaming music as opposed to MP3s. I knew that hardware was hard, so I assembled a kickass team of people smarter than me who have decades of experience in hardware. We made a proof of concept, launched a Kickstarter, partnered with Spotify, and developed the product in less than a year. And here we are now.

This is apparently the first iteration of the product, what can we expect next from Mighty?

Our mission is to create products that let people take their streaming music everywhere. We're currently hard at work on a number of software features that will make the Mighty experience even mightier. Shuffle mode increased battery life, and the ability for Mighty to wake itself up at night and automatically sync new content (we call it Stay Fresh) are just a few examples of features that we'll be releasing in the coming months.

Longer term, we're working on a second generation Mighty that will incorporate new technology. We haven't finalized the product specs yet, but it's likely to include GPS and voice activation. We're also working on some crazy ideas and products that we can't share details on just yet. Stay tuned!

Can you explain briefly how the device works from an interface perspective? How do you sync it, etc.?

Mighty comes with a mobile app that is used to sync your Spotify playlists. You connect Mighty to the mobile app over Bluetooth, give Mighty a WiFi connection so that music can be synced quickly, then connect Mighty to your Spotify account. All of your Spotify playlists are pulled into the app, and you select the playlists you want to sync. Syncing happens wirelessly and, once complete, you can put your phone down and go. No phone or internet connection is required from that point on.

What’s on your playlist in rotation at the moment? Any guilty pleasures on there?

I'm a hip-hop guy. My GOATs are Outkast, Wu-Tang, Kid Cudi, Kanye, and Hova (not in that order). I'm currently listening to a lot of new Kendrick and old Mos Def. I don't know if it's a guilty pleasure, but I also love Sade. Everyone should listen to Sade at least once a week.

Will you ever have a version that works with Apple Music or other streaming services? 

We do plan on integrating with other streaming music services, but we don't have any definitive plans in place right now. We believe that our users should dictate our roadmap, so please tell us your favorite streaming music service, and we'll try to make it happen.

What are your headphones of choice? Are you going wireless or wired?

I'm all wireless now. I never used Beats products in the past, but I recently bought Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for testing purposes, and they're pretty amazing. Apple knows what they're doing when it comes to hardware. My low-cost alternative is Anker SoundBuds, mostly because they fit super well in my ears and don't fall out during runs.

In regards to sound reproduction, how is the sound overall? Would you ever consider building a larger more audiophile-friendly version with DAC or Amp on board?

Bob Lefsetz asked me a similar question and here's how I responded: 

Re: audio quality, Mighty's codec is similar to what you'd find in current iPhones. We allow users to adjust Spotify audio quality by navigating to the Connections tab (bottom left), clicking the Spotify logo at the top of the screen, then clicking Download Quality. High and Extreme sound better but reduce battery life. Users also want the ability to adjust EQ settings - we're working on that right now.

If enough people ask for it, we'll definitely consider an audiophile-friendly version. I would personally use that product all the time.

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