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Murder-Mystery 'Slice' Starring Chance The Rapper Debuts Wacky Trailer

The film done with A24 will be released sometime in 2018.
Photo Credit: FilmMagic

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

A new murder-mystery film starring Chance The Rapper has unveiled its new trailer just in time for Halloween today. The film, Slice, was a secret collaboration between Chance and A24, an independent entertainment company that has gone on to put out films like Moonlight and Ex Machina since being founded in 2012.

There isn’t much information about the film. It was created in secret last summer as a collab between Chance and A24 and the plot revolves around an enigmatic outlaw framed for a killing spree of pizza delivery boys according to Indie Wire.

The film will be directed by Austin Vesely, who has worked closely with Chance on many of his music videos like “Sunday Candy,” “Angels” and “Juice.” The film will also star “Atlanta” breakout Zazie Beetz and comedian Paul Scheer.

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The trailer doesn’t show all that much, which is refreshing, but we will see soon enough what goes down with pizza boys when the film is released sometime in 2018. 

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