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It comes as no surprise that we at Magnetic are quite the fans of San Francisco's NITEPPL, but there does come a surprise that NITEPPL's third album will be their last. It may seem like a trick, but it is true NITEPPL is calling it quits, but we do have a Halloween treat as we premiere to you today Hope Spring Eternal by NITEPPL on Popgrang Records.

NITEPPL have always have had a robust touch when it comes to production prowess, and on their final album, their strengths are only more emboldened. If you are looking for synthy indie dance, then boy you are guaranteed to find it with NITEPPL! This album feels like the duo's most complete work, and clearly, you can hear artistic maturity. There is softness, there is depth, there is emotive brooding that makes the whole album shine. 

Now, if you're a fan of NITEPPL, you might want to know why they are calling it quits, and there's no controversy. It's just a splitting of two paths where vocalist Sawyer is moving east to Atlanta as a score producer and Alton is now the newest member of Low Roar. So, keep tuned to these gentlemen, but enjoy the final hurrah that certainly will stick with you.

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