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Ok, first of all, Brooklyn Steel is now one of our favorite venues because of several things. The sound system is pretty good, the CO2 was fresh and vibrant, the lighting vivid and captivating, and the layout reminds us of a smaller Terminal 5. 

Some of us at Magnetic haven't seen a TroyBoi live set, but the live performance aspect and music and theme to match really set the mood and made me respect TroyBoi a lot more as an artist. Putting on a quality act such as what the gallery will depict can't be easy, and the work is super respectable.

He's currently on the 'Left is Right' tour with some great supporting artists so be sure to check out the link and grab some tickets. You won't regret it.

Check out and enjoy our coverage below!

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Words and Photos by Charles Kang. Follow him on Instagram

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