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Pioneer DJ Announces DJS-1000

Pioneer takes live sampling and sequencing to the CDJ format

Today, Pioneer DJ has announced their new live sampler unit, the DJS-1000. The unit is a cross between their CDJ player and the Toraiz SP16 sampler and fits right in the booth with its CDJ cousins. Armed with 16 beat pads, a sequencer, and onboard effects, it opens up a new outlet for creative DJs to expand their sets. The player itself looks like a CDJ with pads in place of the jog wheel but has the same footprint as a CDJ-2000nexus2. The SP16 has gained much support since its release, and the DJS-1000 builds on the foundation it's laid. Both units sync perfectly together, and allow for live sampling. Check the video below for more information and all features on the new DJS-1000. 

The new unit will be available later this month for $1199

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