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Premiere: Aris Kindt Deliver Ambient Beauty In New Album 'Swann & Odette'

Francis Harris & Gabriel Hedrick are back with another gem of an album.
Aris Kindt

Aris Kindt

Francis Harris, also known to some as Adultnapper, and the founder of Scissor & Thread is back with his Aris Kindt project with Gabriel Hedrick. The ambient project has netted one album thus far and now they are prepping their second LP, Swann & Odette, which will be released this Friday, October 20th. We are happy to premiere the full album for you today.

Coming in at 10 tracks in total, it is meant to be listened to in full. The ambient goes through a whole array of emotions – some serene and some more boording. The pair oscilate between haunting, lo-fi tracks and softer tracks with melodies that make you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

We were able to speak with Francis about the album and the project ahead of the new album’s release. We chatted about how it all began, what makes this album different and more.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Why did you decided to launch your new label? What is the goal of it?

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I suppose after so many years in the industry, there comes a point where you just want to write, play and put out music that simply moves you. There's no grand scheme here. No angle. Kingdoms is merely as true of a reflection of my personal taste as there can be in a commercially packaged product. Don't mean to kill the vibe with the commercial bit, but in the end, desire is certainly inseparable from the market, at least when its a means of making a living.

2. How did you and Gabriel Hedrick link up to form Aris Kindt?

Aris Kindt is a conversation between two lifelong friends. Gabe and I have been listening or playing music together since we were kids. I suppose we are lucky that we got to a point in our lives where we could finally find the time to bring some ideas to the studio. We didn't really aim for a particular sound, so it was fascinating to see what came out.

3. What inspires you both to make ambient, instrumental music?

Perhaps both of us grew up on lyricists that were so good (Nick Cave, Morrissey), that instrumental music seemed apt to our abilities. I tried singing in a punk band. Let's just say I hope no one ever hears that record. :) Joking aside, ambient/ shoegaze music fits well into a more intellectual exploration of concepts. The ideas wander and you end up nowhere near where you began. There's a synthesis at work that is impossible within conventional song structures. In the end, we are both interested in the infinite possibility of sound as a spontaneous reflection of being.

4. How is this album different from what you have done before?

We both feel this album is more mature compositionally. It took longer, but lead us to a more layered sound that lines up firmly with the conceptual basis for the project. I think in any creative endeavor, once you feel more comfortable in a process, the possibilities start to pop up more often, allowing for an intricate result.

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