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Premiere: Beat Fatigue Bring The Funk & Groove On 'Algorhythm & Blues EP' To Lowtemp

Gramatik's label has another winning release on its hands.
Beat Fatigue Algorhythm & Blues

Beat Fatigue Algorhythm & Blues

Amsterdam guitarist and producer, Beat Fatigue first caught the eye of Gramatik way back in 2014. He went on to releases several projects on Gramatik’s label, Lowtemp, including several remixes for Gramatik and an album last year. Beat Fatigue is making his return tomorrow with a new EP, Algorhythm & Blues, that showcases the best of what Gramatik signed him for.

The EP has a bit of everything you want from Beat Fatigue. There is a bit of blues (as the title suggests), some strong drum and percussive grooves to keep the dancefloor aspect intact, while also some of his trademark funky guitars and added melodic elements from synths on tracks like “Belter Blues.”

It all comes together seamlessly like a complete project – like a six-track mini-album.

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"It took me a while to finish, because this time I wanted to make a very cohesive EP without just some random cool tracks on it. As the title states this time the Blues will have the big lead on this and it's been great working on this EP,” says Beat Fatigue to Magnetic Mag via email. “Big thanks to Joe Newton for the awesome vocals on the 'Rocky Roads' track (that we recorded at Crazy Daylight's studio when I was touring through Australia) and also a big high five to the amazing label Lowtemp for the patience and release and K+Lab for the always so epic artwork."

The EP will be released tomorrow via Lowtemp, but until then, stream the full thing below.

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