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Christian Dold received his first piano lesson at the age of three. His musical abilities, library, and knowledge have greatly improved and allow him to create tried and true powerhouse productions. "Gravity" is an exemplary example of his musical innovation skills. Furthermore, Diamond Pistols has signed records to Atlantic Records, Spinnin' Records, Dim Mak Records, Dirty Dutch, Firepower Records, and Cr2 Records

He recently left a career in finance to pursue his true passion: music, and fans are ecstatic that he did. Dold currently resides in Los Angeles, California. "Gravity" is an impressive production that features the one and only LYDIA on vocals. The drop is filled with energy and balanced with gorgeous piano and heavy synths.

'Gravity' is about the inescapable impact certain people have on our lives. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our feelings for someone else that they begin to feel like a relentless force of nature. From Lydia's vocals to the dramatic drop, I wanted to create the sound of being unable to resist someone and the influence they have over you. - Diamond Pistols 

"Gravity" is now available worldwide. 

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