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PREMIERE: :Jreams & Mat Jr Ft. Mao “Ephemeral” (Video)

Jreams Premieres Latest Single & New Video With "Ephemeral"
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Today, Magnetic Magazine premieres the fourth single and music video, “Ephemeral” from downtempo producer, Jreams. The single comes off of the Austin-bred artist’s debut seven-track album, Letters To Jupiter. Both a producer and cinematographer, this multi-talented and versatile young artist has been stirring the music sphere with his unique blend of bass music and abstract visual accompaniments.

The video is a trippy inside look into one of Jreams life-changing trips to Asia--an experience that inspired the length of the album. This is also the first single released from the project that features collaborators (Mat Jr), and vocals (Mao).

Says Jreams: “'Ephemeral' came from when I went to Japan a second time. I was staying with my friend Masaya Tamura (Mat Jr.) out in Tokyo. I actually met Masa through SoundCloud right before I went out to Japan the first time. I went on SoundCloud and typed in Tokyo and cyphered through all of the artist's, eventually coming across 'Mat Jr.' I thought 'this guy makes dope music,' so I messaged him saying I was about to travel to Japan and wanted to meet other producers. He was down, so we linked up. He came out to a show I was playing in Saitama and then he invited me to a show he was playing in Shibuya. We dug each other's style and then stayed in touch after, sending music projects back and forth after I left. I reached out to him again when I knew i was coming back to Japan and asked if I could stay with him, and with open arms he said ‘ es'. Still so grateful for that. We worked on music every night I stayed him and  ‘ephemeral' was one that was born from those sessions. He knew a rapper that would fit perfect for this track and everything kind of fell in place. The video footage was all taken from my trip in Japan. I felt like I had to capture the culture and what I experienced. I thank Masaya so much for offering his couch to me and being such a chill collaborator!"

Watch the video here:

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There’s no doubt that after watching “Ephemeral” we’re immediately intrigued in getting ourselves to Japan asap, to hopefully have an equally transformative journey.

Letters To Jupiter is set for its big debut on October 20. Check out the full EP track listing:

  1. Gravity
  2. Goodbye World
  3. Seoul
  4. (im)mortal
  5. Origins
  6. Ephemeral
  7. Helium

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