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Premiere: Lea Porcelain 'Loose Life' Gets Dark, Haunting Remix From Julien Bracht

Julien Bracht remixes a song from his own band Lea Porcelain and it is quite the tune.
Lea Porcelin

Lea Porcelain

Two-piece band Lea Porcelain released their new album Hymns To The Night in June. The singles have started to emerge and “Loose Life” is a getting a hefty batch of remixes that includes one from German producer Julien Bracht and one of the members of the group. The Frankfurt-born producer takes the original and turns it into a dark and foreboding techno track.

“Loose Life” gets turned into a very different piece of music with this remix, perfect for Halloween. Bracht takes the vocal and gives them a minimal part in the track, adding them disparately as it echoes in the background over white noise, percussion and distorted synths.

“I did this remix a while ago, when we first came up with the idea of letting Roman Flügel remix our track ‘Loose Life.’ It's very different to the other 3 remixes on the EP and it feels like the right missing link,” says Bracht to Magnetic.

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“It's rough, it's ravey, it's industrial and it feels like ‘Julien Bracht’ with the feeling of Lea Porcelain. I tried this one after a festival we played with Lea Porcelain this summer, when I had the chance to play a techno set with our live drummer Jan. It was a really surprising moment and my remix of ‘Loose Life’ was a highlight of the set. I felt it and the people felt it too. I hope that people love this combination. I heard some comments of people that it reminds them a bit of Nathan Fake together with Boards of Canada... But I leave it up to you! Love.”

The remix will come out tomorrow as part of a larger package that includes others from Thom from alt-J, Scuba, Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha.

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