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What a little grafter. Only late last year did Germany's Michael Bräuninger, better known as Misanthrop, pump out his self-titled album, Misanthropand already, he's back for more. With a new 4 track EP heading our way, expectations surrounding the release of 'Blurred' on the 27th of October are insurmountably high.

For a producer who's name is synonymous with intense (focused, pile driving) D&B, the tune we have today is - without getting too fancy on it - somewhat of a palate cleanser. It's fusion work like you have never heard friends! The happy go lucky Jazz vibe morphs fluidly with the scrambled disarray of orchestral demise. Dramatic? Don't know what I'm talking about? Find out what I mean:

World drum and bass domination for Misanthrop? Consider it licked.

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