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Purple Disco Machine Shares The 10 Songs That Influenced Making New Album 'Soulmatic'

Purple Disco Machine goes back to 10 absolute classics with this selection.
Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine

German, house funk and disco extraordinaire, Purple Disco Machine has quickly ascending towards the top of the genre that he has helped carve out a little piece for himself. Today marks a very important day for the Dresden native as he is releasing his debut album Soulmatic. A culmination of all the sounds and styles he has worked with over his eight year career, Soulmatic with funk, soul and of course disco. 

We caught up with Purple Disco Machine to give us the 10 songs that influenced the making of this album. As you might expect, it goes back to the 70s and 80s where the groove was real and unstoppable with tunes by Chic, Wham!, Phil Collins and more. Get moving through this playlist and stream Soulmatic below or pick up a copy here.

1. Surface - Falling In Love

Such a great disco classic. Simple and clean with a sweet vocal and a powerful rhythm section underpinning the whole track.

2. Chic - I Want Your Love

Chic are still one of my favorite artists. All their tracks have such an a amazing groove. If ​I​ feel a bit sad then ​I​ listen to one of Nile's songs.

3. Phil Colins - In The Air Tonight

The hero of my childhood. My father collected everything by Phil Collins and Genesis that he could get his hands on in East Germany at that time. "In The Air Tonight" is Phil's masterpiece IMO. When I was 14 ​I ​​went to see him live for the first time and it is still was one of the best experiences of my life.

4. Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark

Back to my life long passion for Italian disco. Mike Mareen is one of the Italian guys from Germany. The Galactic Version of "Dancing In The Dark" is amazing.

5. Quincy Jones - Summer In The City

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Jazzy, funky , effortlessly cool and featuring one of the classic breaks used in Hip-Hop​.​

6. D​J​ Hell - For Your Love

The debut LP from DJ Hell came out in 1998 and it had plenty of great Techno tracks with a touch of disco.​ "​For Your Love​"​ was a track which inspired me a lot.

7. Wham! - Everything She Wants

Like everyone else ​I​ bought the ​s​ingle of​ "​Last Christmas“ and ​I​ loved it from the first listen. After a while ​I​ realized that the B-Side of the single is even better. This record with its simple groove and arrangement is still one of their best songs.

8. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

No words to say on this track. Just one of the best House records of all time. Was on heavy rotation for years at home.

9. Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin

This track is one of these records which brought me into House music. Guys like Boris and Mousse T are the true House pioneers from Germany.

10. Oceans - Movin Crusin

Back in the day ​I​ was a big fan of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill and ​I​ loved their movies and soundtracks. "Movin Crusin" is on of the best soundtracks from a Spencer&Hill movie. When ​I ​listen to this song I always have a big smile on my face!

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