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Roog Presents 48HR Album Concept During ADE Collaborating With Erick Morrillo, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez and More!

Roog is gathering a few good guest producers during ADE and creating an album in 48HRS next week where he will premiere the tracks during one of his sets on Friday, October 20th!

The news of ADE has been swirling all over media platforms as the days draw closer to this ultimate music conference that lights up the city of Amsterdam with over 120 active venues over the course of five days. With so much competition its hard to imagine that any one particular event or panel truly stands out, so what do you do? Well if you are Dutch producer and DJ, Roog gives a curve ball with the announcement of his concept of a 48HR album produced and recorded during the conference next week. 

Roog is on a mission in his mobile studio van and will gather house legends, Erick Morrillo, David Penn, Todd Terry, Rene Amesz & Roger Sanchez along the way to create an entire album fresh and debut the tracks in his set on Friday, October 20th. Magnetic Mag grabbed a moment to talk to him about this unique idea and the purpose behind it! 


Magnetic Mag: What is your background in music? How did you become a DJ/Producer?

Roog: My love for music was formed at a very young age. I started playing classical piano when I was 6 years old. I was also listening to pop music on the radio and started buying 45s. I don’t know when or how, but I started bringing those records to every party I attended. And by the time I was 12/13 I had my own drive-in set up, with people paying me to play at their birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc. With the money I earned I bought my first synthesizer, drum computer and tape recorder and started making music myself.

MM: Where did the idea for this portable studio come from?

R: With a zillion parties during ADE, I wanted to do something original, something that would stand out. Instead of hosting just another party I came up with the crazy idea of inviting musical heroes to create music together.

MM: What is the objective of this 48HR album?

R: To have fun! haha

MM: Who are some artists that have agreed to do this?

R: Erick Morillo, David Penn, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, René Amesz...

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MM: Are there any artists in particular you want to work with on this album?

R: Wow, I have so many singers I would like to work with. Róisín Murphy of Moloko is top of my list. This lady has written so many beautiful tunes that touch me deeply. It would be a dream if she could write lyrics and perform on my music.


Check Roog out at one of his sets during ADE: 

Friday, October 20th:

Purple Music - ADE 10 Year Anniversary Bash

Todd Terry & Friends ADE special 2017 - By Inhouse Records

Saturday, October 21st:

Sneakerz, de reünie

In My House! / ADE Edition / Roog & La Fuente

HEY MR. DJ (ADE: Saturday)

Hed Kandi ADE Special 2017

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