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Rusko Shares The Good News He Is Officially Cancer Free!

Rusko was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma, a type of stomach cancer in May.
Is This Even Rusko?

It seems like the news gets worse and worse everyday, but there is finally some good news for you. Rusko, who had been battling gastric lymphoma, a type of stomach cancer since May, has officially been declared cancer free.

The revered UK dubstep producer shared the news in an interview with YourEDM yesterday.

He was first diagnosed in May and since then he shared a few updates about his battle on social media after rounds of chemotherapy. There wasn’t too much news form his camp, but yesterday he made the announcement that he had beaten the illness.

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In the interview, he revealed he was first diagnosed in the US, before flying back to the UK for treatment.

Love and support has come from all across dance music as his colleagues have celebrated the good news. There is no word on when he may return to music, but the most important thing is that he is cancer free and recovering. He looks forward to playing for cancer nurses and the Cancer Trust who were vital in his recovery.


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