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Savoring Craft Cannabis with O.penVAPE

Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or chilling at the end of a rough work week!

O.penVAPE’s motto "it's what's inside that counts" symbolizes the company’s artisanal craft approach to producing cannabis oil. While some cannabis processors aim for the large scale production, O.penVAPE specializes in single source strain specific batches produced in their 5-liter extraction vessels.

The end product is pure refined cannabis oil with no additives or preservatives and all the wax removed. As one who enjoys sipping a single malt and other fine spirits appreciate stepping up to their Craft Reserve cannabis oil. This oil is refined and then distilled for the ultimate in a refined smooth taste. A glass cartridge and a wooden label noting the strain and grower give this product a sophisticated look. This isn’t my everyday cannabis but rather, I puff on this oil when I want to celebrate a special occasion or chill at the end of a rough work week. Their Reserve cannabis oil has a lower price point and is a good go-to product for everyday use.

I pair their oils with their 2.0 variable voltage battery. This pen allows me to toggle between vape modes. I prefer to set this at low for a mild hit though one can go to medium or high for a heavier hit. The manual override works well for those seeking a continuous hit. These rechargeable pens can hold a charge for nine hours, with a rapid charge feature that allows one to charge the battery in twenty minutes if need be. Those who prefer dabbing can try the Bakked Dabaratus, a one-click applicator that enables one to dab on the go with ease. All products come with a lifetime battery warranty.

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Those who enjoy infusing products with cannabis oil will appreciate their Organa Labs applicator. This disposable devices enable one to apply their oil directly to edibles or topicals with ease.

As a Clean Green Certified producer, all of O.penVAPE’s cannabis oils are made using zero waste. Their spent material from extraction is given to a third party that processes it and makes it into pelletized plant food. So, I can partake of O.penVAPE’s products knowing they are producing product that are not only good for the consumer but also mindful of the environment. 

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