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Stream: Duckworthsound - Freak EP [In/Rotation]

Is it hard house? Trap? Either way, he's definitely not your average UK soundboi
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There's blending genres, and there is Duckworthsound. While many people take influences and subtlely add them to their tracks, that is most certainly not the case here. Each track in Duckworthsound's Freak EP is an amalgamation of house, trap, garage, and who knows what else. What at first seems a bit chaotic, the tracks actually work quite well. While short in length, they all more than make up for that with the intense energy they bring to the floor. 

As journalists, we usually need at least some sort of label to help convey our messages, but in this instance, there's not really much to say other than "what the hell is it?" This isn't meant to come off as negative. In fact, it's actually refreshing to hear something so over the top that you really can't put it into words. Don't believe me? Check the EP below, and let us know what you would call it.

Stream Duckworthsound's Freak EP here.

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