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Well folks, it's been a long hot month of September here in Texas to end summer. Thankfully fall is here for most states, though it will take awhile for cooler weather to hit the Lone Star State. The month of September has brought in tons of new singles, records and artists heading on tour. Here's a list of some top jams throughout this month. Get our your denim jackets, wind breakers and Halloween decorations while awaiting for the next chart to hit in October. Here's to pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carvings and binge-watching Halloweentown. Peace N' Love! 

1. "Continental Breakfast" - Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

These two are a breath of fresh air. This new single is from their upcoming album together, Lotta Sea Lice, that will be out on the spooky Friday of October 13th. Not only are the two making a record together, they are also going on tour together; Snag your tickets now before the show is sold out in a city near you. 

2. "Alta" - Ty Segall

Ty. Segall. Is. THE. Man. This song will give you goosebumps. Ty for sure has a talent in melodies. The verses throughout this song have that Beatles feel.

3. "Come for Me" - Twin Peaks

Let's face it, whoever listens to these dudes most likely has a crush on them. The five boys that make up the band are total hunks with goofy personalities. The piano in this song really sticks out and pulls everything together. It's quite an enjoyable song. 

4. "Special" - Angel Olsen

The ultimate babe of baby bangs must I say. This literal angel has a new record, Phases, coming up in November. As usual in all of Olsen's songs, her voice is completely dreamy and addictive in "Special" as well. 

5. "Sweet Dreams" - BØRNS

It's about time BØRNS came out from wherever he's been hiding, he's been gone for a while now. But in this case, he make's it up with his fresh new single. You'll have his sweet voice stuck in your head for sure after one listen of this song. 

6. "Dum Surfer" - King Krule

The deep voice from the beautiful orange locks of Archy, makes his music what it is. This song is loud and heavy, it even has a bit of groove to it that will make you want to dance. 

7. "You and Me (Demo) - Whitney

Jeez. Thank you Whitney for this song. The amount of groove in this song is outstanding. Hopefully these dudes have more music coming in the near future.

8. "Map to the Stars" - Ducktails

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It's been a minute since Ducktails have released anything. This single is from their latest album, Jersey Devil, which follows their 2015 release of St. Catherine. Like this song, this album is real smooth and will put you in a good mood.  

9. "Just Like Heaven" - Ariel Pink

It may just be me, but this almost sounds as if it's more of a mellowed-out version of the Cure's 1987 hit, "Just Like Heaven." Ariel Pink is a character and is not afriad to show it. Check out his new album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

10. "Lay It On Me" - Vance Joy

Here's a little bit of folk added into this top 15. Who doesn't like Vance Joy? Grab your significant other and listen to this one together! 

11. "It's a Shame" - First Aid Kit

The Swedish sister duo that makes up First Aid Kit are killing it. This song is a cool one. First off, their voices sound like a mix between Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow. Second off, THEIR SWEDISH. Thirdly, the song has a country twang that could be hard for artists to pull off, but they do it well.

12. "Cinnamon" - Monogold

This song is off of Monogold's new album, Babyfood. This band is straight out of Brooklyn providing you some jangle-indie-pop jammies. 

13. "Flak Bait" - Calgrove

Calgrove is a band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. The group has only released two EPs so far. I'm not even sure what the name of this song means, but man, it's so easy-going and chill. Since this band is newer, check out this song as well as their other tunes HERE

 14. "Beautifully Unconventional " - Wolf Alice

This four-piece from Londo, England, brings a grunge to life through their music. It's almost like a flashback to the 90s. Her voice is powerful, but it's damn good!

15. "Living Alone" - Bad Sounds

The song starts off with a funky twang. Pop is heavily emphasized throughout the entire song, almost like it has an 80s beat to it. 

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