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Traveling Light: Rhone Clothing - Style And Comfort For Road Warriors

Rhone's Creative Director Kyle McClure fills us in on this great new(ish) brand that keeps traveling comfortable and cool
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Traveling constantly sucks, but it's a way of life for many of us and just seems to get worse every year. Smaller seats, longer lines, more fees and higher prices are just some of the woes for today's business and leisure traveler. To help ease the traveling pain, there is a new breed of clothing company focused on comfort, durability, packability and yes, multiple wears. 

Rhone is one of the brands leading the way in traveling comfort with a line that is understated yet elegantly cool, tough and stink-resistant and most importantly, extremely comfortable. 

Rhone's Commuter Pant - Sleek, stretchy and durable. Pair it with clean white sneaks. 

Rhone's Commuter Pant - Sleek, stretchy and durable. Pair it with clean white sneaks. 

I recently took their line for a test run on a trip to ADE in Amsterdam, and it performed flawlessly. The Commuter Pant was like wearing a pair of super light sweats, flexible and perfect for moving in tight spaces. The Delta Polo brought a degree of professionalism with the feel of a workout shirt, wicking away sweat and keeping away the travel funk. The Reign Crew Tee proved to be the perfect hybrid for working out at the hotel gym (yeah, I only did that once not going to lie) and layering under wooly sweaters on some cool evenings. 

The gear packs up light, resists wrinkling and looks good - the perfect selection for my minimalist wardrobe on this work trip that demanded a LOT of movement. 

Travel Performance:

Grade A+

Price - $$

Stretch Factor 10/10

Pack Factor 10/10

Shop Rhone at the company website. 

Interview: Rhone's Creative Director, Kyle McClure 


There seems to be a new category that has sprung from the athleisure trend, a hybrid of more casual yet functional clothing. Can you explain how Rhone started and how you guys classify your style of clothing?

Rhone began as an idea centered around providing premium activewear for men. With so many women's brands sprouting up day after day we were wondering "what about the guys?". From that point forward the brand evolved into a premium performance lifestyle brand. Our aim is to provide technical performance regardless of the pursuit. In the gym, on the train, on a plane, outdoors... 

The Delta Polo - clean, classy and stylish. From plane to high pressure meeting with ease!

The Delta Polo - clean, classy and stylish. From plane to high pressure meeting with ease!

Traveling light is a necessity these days with so many airlines nickel and diming passengers, some even charge for taking on carry on luggage. There seems to be a new trend with new brands producing clothing that is made to be worn multiple times with no stinky stink. Fabrics like Merino wool are in the conversation again, as are other technical fabrics that can sustain this type of wear. 

How does Rhone fit into this ecosystem? What are some of your tech enhancements that make your garments so durable?

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One of our brand promises, from inception, was anti-stink... we've been involved in all of the major pillars of anti-odor technology, from merino to silver, to a new proprietary development called GoldFusion which uses gold & silver I would say with confidence that we are currently at the leading edge of anti-odor technology right now.

Silvertech is an incredible product using XT2 and performs for the lifetime of the garment fending off the odor-causing bacteria through the use of an extruded pure silver yarn. 

GoldFusion provides an incredible force field of anti-odor technology on the garments and is so eco-friendly that you can drink the solution. It also has the added benefit of sun protection.  

When all you need to do is rinse and dry a piece of clothing on the road your bag gets lighter and your travel more fun. And you also don't blow out the person next to you on the plane!

How long has the brand been around and what can we expect to see in the next couple seasons? How did the name come about?

We've been doing this for three years...actually just had our third birthday officially. But a lot of time went into it before then. The best is yet to come though... since we're on the idea of travel we are relaunching a collection in Seacell that is incredible, and launching a Celliant Terry hoodie and sweatpant that refracts body heat back into your skin in the form of infrared light. This aids in circulation and recovery making it the perfect in-flight body glove. 

This tee works at the gym and as the perfect layer under sweaters, button downs and hoodies. 

This tee works at the gym and as the perfect layer under sweaters, button downs and hoodies. 

What are some of your traveling secrets? aka travel hacks.

Go light and NEVER use a rolling bag unless the bag is so big you couldn't possibly carry it without dislocating your shoulder. Otherwise...carry your bag. A 60L bag with backpack straps is the jam. You can cram it into any overhead compartment, and if you pack economically, you can fit everything for two weeks. 

I head to Asia a bunch too, and anytime I can't sleep I make sure I'm out of bed and in the gym or swimming laps in the pool. No use being miserable in bed wide awake... 

If Rhone was a DJ, what would they play?

Tom Petty on heavy rotation in deference to the man's memory... Our office Sonos wars are pretty gnarly though. 

What are some of your favorite bag companies? If you had to jam all of your Rhone gear into one bag for a two-week trip, what would it be and what would you take with you from the collection?

I use the Patagonia Blackhole 60l Duffel... that and I have a Madden Equipment backpack... that's my carry set up for Asia. I put 5 element tees, 5 sentry short sleeves, 1 Reign long sleeve, 5 pairs of Swifts, 2 pairs of Commuter Pants, 10 pairs of our no-show socks, some swim goggles, a couple bandanas (because I'm obsessed with bandanas) 2 pairs of Oakley Frogskins (another obsession/addiction), a few button downs (blue chambray and white oxford cloth), my computer, several chargers, Nine Stories by JD Salinger, Fires by Raymond Carver, a notebook and some pens and pencils... a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and some all natural deodorant, probably Tom's. 

Rhone seems like a prayer answered from the DJ Gods for artists that essentially live on planes, tour buses, and cars… do you currently work with any DJs or musicians?

We don' anyone in mind? 

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