Vegas Carries On - Many Festivals Planned for Las Vegas in October

The residents and businesses of Las Vegas stand strong in the wake of disaster
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Las Vegas

As I began to write about how Las Vegas is not just the casino capital of the world but also a gathering place for great artists and music festivals, the news reached me that a massive murderous rampage was happening at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The stage was in the area between Mandalay Bay and New York New York. Country star Jason Aldean was on stage when the shooter, 64 year old Stephen Paddock opened fire, apparently from an upper floor from which he had a clear view of the 40,000 attending the finale of this festival.

Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and friends, to the wounded and to all those who will forever associate Las Vegas with mass murder. We feel humbled in the face of such tragedy to portray Las Vegas as a great venue for musical performances and music festivals. When your Grande Vegas online casino is interrupted by the most horrific experience of your life, you feel that you must step back and assess things.

People in many lands have had to face mass murder or terrorist attacks in the past 40-50 years. One way that people regain their generally optimistic view of life is by singing together. We remember how, two weeks after the earthquake that struck San Francisco during the World Series some years ago, the games resumed in San Francisco and the large crowd sang the American National Anthem together in a demonstration of emotion, cohesion, and perseverance in the face of utter tragedy.

So we hope it will be in Las Vegas because Vegas really is a great place to hear music of all genres night after night at reasonable prices. Every night there are multiple concerts and other performances from Cirque du Soleil to individual artists and groups.

Festivals are the Reverse Side of Las Vegas

The Route 91 Harvest Festival was supposed to announce the end of summer. Over 40,000 people gathered for the long concerts only to have the final act and the good vibes generated by the festival destroyed by the warped sense of values of the lone shooter.

We don’t know with any degree of certainty how the next week’s events will be affected by this tragedy. But we are resolved to regain our emotional equilibrium. We can learn a great deal from the Israeli people who have known more than their share of terrorist attacks and senseless deaths. At many Israeli musical performances the singer or band plays a well-known Israeli song that contains the repeated message: “everything is possible so long as we sing together”.

October Festivals

In the next two weeks the following festivals will take place in or near Las Vegas:

  • The Las Vegas Bike Fest October 5-8
  • The Wine and Food Festival Oct 5-8
  • The Tango Festival Oct 5-8
  • Vegas Yoga festival Oct 6-8
  • Artisan Craft Festival Oct 8
  • Las Vegas Lebanese American Festival Oct 13-15
  • Renaissance Festival Oct 13-15
  • Viva Las VeGrass Festival Oct 13-15
  • Aki Matsuri Japanese Festival Oct 14
  • Summerlin Festival of Arts Oct 14-15
  • Southern Highlands Fall Festival Oct 21
  • Latin Caribbean Festival Oct 26-29

This is just a short list and covers only October. The months are always filled with wonderful music in Las Vegas.

Eclectic Musical Diversity

The music stages at these wonderful festivals will be filled with ethnic music from Lebanon, Japan, Scotland, England, and the Caribbean. Let’s all join in and make this the most festive fall in Las Vegas history!

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