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Xavier White is an R&B singer that is making waves in the music industry. Earlier this year, White released a few singles and now he's released "Dancing After Dark" to explore his darker and experimental side. "Dancing After Dark" is a collaboration between Xavier White and Paul Couture. We have the visuals for the song as a premiere for you guys.

By utilizing a firm bass line and sultry drum hits, Xavier White addresses an ex-lover and tries to win her back. White's vocals are warm, welcoming, and relatable, allowing for "Dancing After Dark" to truly allow the nostalgia to sink in. The retro, '80s-styled beat dances through the tune like Michael Jackson slides on his famous moonwalk. Xavier White vocals and Paul Couture's production is a collaboration we didn't know we needed.  

'Dancing After Dark' gives me a nostalgic feel when I hear it, I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from older disco and R&B music recently such as the Bee Gees and James Brown. Writing the song helped fill in a void in my life, it’s me telling a girl who turned me down how I’ve matured as a person and am not like the usual guy. It’s almost like a break up then make up song. - Xavier White

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