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Watch Kolsch Spin Techno From High Up In The Eiffel Tower

Kolsch taking the underground way above ground.
Kolsch Eiffel Tower

On Monday, Kölsch took techno to new heights with a very special gig in a very special monument. Taking the underground way above ground, Kölsch played in the Eiffel Tower to some tourists way below him.

For 75 minutes, the German spun entrancing techno way up in the metal beams of the Eiffel tower on a live stream for the world to see. He even snuck in the perfect track for the occasion – Laurent Garnier’s “Acid Eiffel.”

This surely made some techno elitist very proud seeing their genre so much higher than everyone else.

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Watch the very special set below both for the music and for the stunning views of Paris from that high up in the Eiffel Tower in case you never get that high up. 

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