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Weedsday Playlist: Dope Girls Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Dope Girls

Dope Girls showcases work from female-identifying and non-binary artists. Besides functioning as an unofficial fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Southeast, the zine aims to destigmatize traditionally masculine cannabis culture by highlighting creative feminine individuals who burn and still produce. They’ve published three issues thus far with a fourth on the way, slated to land mid-October. Pre-order Vol. IV and pick up some tees and koozies while you’re at in their online shop. For those of you in Atlanta, be sure to attend the Dope Girls Vol. IV release party on October 19th. In honor of their upcoming issue, MAGNETIC asked the women behind the zine -- Rachel Hortman, Beca Grimm and Krystal Visions -- to share their favorite songs for blazing one. And, they’re all keepers!

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“Scotty” by D4L

Obviously we gotta represent Atlanta at least a little on this playlist. Technically this track follows a nerves-soaked psychedelic experience which, uh, isn’t ideal. But! We’re super down with the spaceship scenario as well as the jocular flow. And should you ever experience the dark side of sativa’s energizing properties (i.e., hella paranoia), let the slow, thudding bass of “Scotty” be the North Star to find your healthy heartbeat again. — Beca Grimm

“Green Eyed American Actress” by Jimmy Campbell

Jimmy Campbell is a member of Rockin’ Horse and released Half Baked in 1970, a languid, syrupy album with loads of sway and psychedelia. The track is filled with sexy energy that is reminiscent of a wake and bake followed by an afternoon delight. This album is a must for anyone tuned in to the ‘70s and the strange. — Krystal Visions

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“Whites Of Their Eyes” by Mattiel

Full disclosure: Mattiel Brown is a good buddy of Dope Girls. Besides making soulful, bluesy rock, she’s a badass designer and has been generous enough to contribute to all three existing volumes, as well as the forthcoming fourth edition. The strong femme vibes ensconced in desert dusk makes this slow burner an obvious pairing for a wind-down, front porch joint at the end of a hard day. Her new EP, out on Burger Records, is overall just great. — BG

“Sorry People” by Savoy Motel

I love this song from Nashville's Savoy Motel because of its mid-tempo groove and hot guitar solo. I also feel sentimental when I listen to the female voices singing the chorus because I used to be next-door neighbors with the band’s drummer, Jessica McFarland. No one knows how to party better than her. I remember one time, close to dawn as we were winding down from a long night, she cracked open the final beer in the house. The carbonated snap cut through the party and caused a whole room of men in their early twenties to stare at her beverage, like cats at birds through a window. Without missing a beat, Jessica screamed, "C'mon boys, I'll pour you all a portion!" and proceeded to ration out her final beer so everyone could have a taste. The good vibes kept going. — Rachel Hortman

“Make Me Yours” - Bettye Swann

Give me that sweet Southern lady soul, baby. I’ve recently been going super hard in these ‘60s chanteuse vibes lately — preferably without pants while partaking in some stoned cleaning. And this is a timeless banger, dipped in honey and rolled in granulated vulnerability. — BG

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