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Weedsday Playlist: Holiday the Hustla Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Holiday Tha Hustla

Holiday The Hustla

Emerging from the soulful city of Memphis, Holiday the Hustla aka Penny Holiday credits his musical influence to Orange Mound legends DJ Squeeky, 8Ball and MJG. Nicknamed "Holiday" by a childhood friend, his alias "Penny" was created to pay homage to his city. "I remember watching Penny Hardaway put on for the city and feeling proud. My aim is to relive that feeling through my music," shares Holiday.

Holiday proclaimed his love for cannabis through music long before legalization was the reality it is today. When rap marketing was primarily focused on street and nightclub promotions, an unsigned Holiday was making sinsemilla-scented indie music for suburbs and college campuses, as well as the cannabis community. Releasing a series of stoner-themed mixtapes, referred to as the "Mixtape Movies,” he named each mix after movie titles adding a stoner twist. For example, the first mix in the series is named The Color Purple.

Lately, Holiday’s been working with Grammy award winning producers Carlos Broady and Zaytoven. The two collaborated on The Color Purple 3, hosted by the legendary DJ Burn One. In addition, Holiday joined AlpinStash, a Colorado-based craft cannabis cultivation known for using all-natural methods and sustainably sourced nutrients, to create a custom line of organic purple kush dubbed Purps by Penny. You can watch The Color Purple, the documentary that highlights the entire process, on 2 Suave Entertainment’s YouTube channel. In honor of his Purps by Penny collaboration with AlpinStash, MAGNETIC asked Holiday to share his five favorite tunes for your next sesh.

“Heptagon” by Crisis901 

After a good session, the mind seems to be more understanding of good art. Intricate lyrics and metaphors are processed at a faster pace than usual. “Heptagon” is what I turn to when I need raw bars. Every MC on this song brings something different—that’s dope in itself. Takes me back to a time when you couldn’t rap unless you could actually rap.

“Starz” by Miscellaneous ft Pat24seven 

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My homeboy, Memphis recording artist Miscellaneous, has always been one of my favorite artists to listen to and work alongside. He’s been featured on several of my records. We actually have a stoner movie and soundtrack together called Dude, Where’s my Gar? Go check that out! The beat on “Starz” alone is enough to put you above the clouds, man. I can never just play this record one time, so feel free to add this track more than once. If Mars had a playlist, I’m pretty sure “Starz” would be on it.

“Smoke Session” by Young Dolph 

 We smoke good trees in Memphis. Young Dolph will tell you that, too, if you ever ask him. “Smoke Session” represents what we do on a daily basis. You can hear the reggae influence ringing throughout the beat. I suggest a pack of raw cones, Purps by Penny, and a few Bob Marley incense sticks to get the vibe right for this one.

“Roll Up, Poe Up” by 8Ball ft Young Dolph & B Hav 

Sometimes you gotta throw some chopped and screwed records in the mix. 8Ball has been one of the most influential artists for me. We were both raised in same neighborhood, Orange Mound. 8Ball’s been a pioneer for some time. I get inspiration from music like this because I definitely relate to the vibes. Nothing like rolling up and working at the same time right?

“Purp Blowing” by Holiday the Hustla 

Your sesh won’t be complete without a record from me. Those who know me know that a summer filled with purple weed inspired me to drop volume one of The Color Purple mixtape series years ago. I wrote “Purp Blowing” as a reminder of where I was in my career, and to let everybody know that we were still burning purple trees as thorough as we did from day one. This video was filmed in Orange Mound on a summer night. We had the homies pull up with their headlights and blunts beaming. Nothing but clouds of gas filled the air. I rarely get to shoot videos with my family because we aim to give to a different feel with every visual we film. This all lead up to the release of “The Color Purple 3” and my own line of organic purple strains cultivated by AlpinStash. 

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