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Just say Yes(k) To Zaor Studio Furniture

We review Zaor's sleek and stylish entry level producer desk.
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When one thinks of the term music studio, an infinite number of different ideas come to mind. There are the big corporate state of the art ones, to the cardboard box in a corner of some kid's room. But where does one look when they want to invest a bit, although not too much, into something more than a foldout table from Costco (This was me until I got this desk a few months ago)? There are a handful of budget options when it comes to actual studio desk makers, as opposed to using Ikea furniture, but when buying a desk, there are loads of things to consider. Things like size, layout, and features you would need to compliment your production process.

The futuristic yet retro Yesk

The futuristic yet retro Yesk

Today we will be taking a look the brand known as Zaor, a Romanian company that makes everything from entry level desks to top of the line custom desks built just for your studio. The desk we are specifically looking at is called the Yesk, their entry level price, yet professional quality desk. The company describes the Yesk as a bit of aerospace, a bit of craftsmanship with brushed wood. It's a fairly simple 2+1 tier design, and I say +1 because it has a pullout tray for a keyboard. The Yesk is a very simple yet sturdy design, with a decent amount of rack mounts for you to add hardware to. The main surface area is not all that deep, but it's nice and wide. The upper platform is even less deep, but for putting a monitor and your speakers, it's more than enough. Although it can get tight depending on the size of your screen and monitors. A workaround to give you more space is to use monitor stands if possible, but assuming you don't have the space, smaller speakers are the way to go. The desk comes in a flat box, with easy to follow directions. Everything is clearly labeled, and it's possible to put together on your own. 

While the desk is a great design overall, the biggest issue I have with it is the pullout keyboard tray. It's simply too low for my taste. Maybe I was always sitting too high before? I'm not sure, but when I put the desk together and sat down for the first time, I couldn't even sit at the desk without lowering my chair. But when I lowered my chair, I then had to change my monitor positions and readjust to the new setup. Definitely not the end of the world, but it does take getting used to. Perhaps they could make the next version either adjustable or removable if needed. It would also be great if they included some covers for the open panels, but again, not the end of the world. 

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Don't let these downsides deter you from giving the desk some serious consideration, as the pros outweigh the cons, and the cons are simply a matter of taste. The build quality is superb, and setting it up is a breeze. I really enjoy the grey and black color scheme as well. They flow nicely together, and really tie in the aerospace meets craftsmanship vibe. One thing I do like is the fact that it's not super deep, but still can hold loads of gear, which makes it perfect for those tight on space. It's not the cheapest option on the market, but for the quality the price is fair. And if this design isn't your cup of tea, the company offers plenty of other options that will be. 

Pros: Great build quality, easy to assemble, simple yet stylish. 

Cons: The pullout tray is just too low, the open panels make it easy for things to fall through

Final Score: 8/10

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