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Variety is the spice of life! With this knowledge under their belts, Hospital Record's producers, English Sebastian Inwood (Krakota) and Sao Paulo's finest, Urbandawn, have blended flavours in a new five-track EP, 'Focus Shift'. 

From the majestic to the devastating, we are talking five honkers to choose from - a full on, double Hospital helping if you will.

In honour of mighty combinations (notwithstanding cheeseburger and fries, Scully and Mulder, driving and not sneezing), the dream team have coughed up five more tunes each. Absolute belters, which all celebrate the mighty art of a deadly combo.

KRAKOTA, you're up!

"Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)" - Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce [Prototype Recordings]

K: When I was 15 I used to run a sound system with a mate, after we'd set it up I would always test the rig with this tune. Second drop - enough said!

"Floating Zero" - Noisia & Phace [Invisible Recordings]

K: This is one of my favourites of all time, perfect minimalism, but works in so many sets and scenarios.

"Smoothie" - Culture Shock & Brookes Brothers  

K : This came out in 2008, which is one of my favourite periods for D&B, it is a super funky tune with one of the most interesting basslines of its time.

"No Time 2 Love" - Marky & Bungle [Innerground]

K: Classic feel-good Marky & Bungle. This samples Don Downing "Doctor Boogie" which is also a favourite of mine.

"Gangsta" - Total Science & S.P.Y [Shogun Audio]

K: This collaboration nailed it for me. The reece bass hits so hard. I still play it out a lot now.

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URBANDAWN taking over...

"Climate" - Matrix & Fierce  [Metro Recordings]

UD: It's funny how Fierce is involved in a lot of huge collaborations, and this is one of my all time favs. It's one of the best intros ever made and it leads to a proper funk, driving groove.

"Phantom Force" - Digital & Spirit  [Function Records]

UD: What I love the most about this track is how heavy it sounds without being too "forced" - the drums are incredible, plus there's a nasty bassline and minimal vibes, all combined.

"Move On" - Seba & Paradox feat. Robert Manos [Hospital Records]

UD: This is one of the very first Hospital tunes I ever heard, and the music speaks for itself. Not enough words to describe the emotions in this piece of music.

"True Romance" - dBridge & Vegas [Metalheadz]

The ability to fit in different styles of DJ Mixes is a rare thing to find these days, and this tune has certainly done it. One of my fave drum sounds in D&B too.

"Memory Jog" - Mist:i:cal (Marcus Intalex, St Files & Calibre)

UD: Magic happens when you put producers like these together. Every single element in the track has a very important roll, but that 'arp' sound is what made me instantly in love from the very beginning.

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