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7 Best or Most Cringeworthy 1-Star Yelp Reviews Of Nightclubs

Take a dive with us into some of the worst or funniest one-star yelp reviews for clubs around the world.
Beta Nightclub Denver co2 main room

Yelp reviews of nightclubs show the absolute extremes of the clubbing experience. Rarely do people write about their "decent" or "alright" time out at a club. It is either awful or amazing. The middle ground is rarely represented. With that in mind, the five and four stars are boring and largely wholesome. That can be covered later, but we wanted to point out some of the funniest or shame some of the most cringe-worthy 1-star reviews of people who just didn't know what the hell they were getting into. 

1. Halycon SF - Somebody doesn't know dance music:

2. Space Miami - Someone is in the wrong room:

3. Echostage - Someone doesn’t understand the concept of openers:

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4. Drai's - It seems as though the DJ did not get the hint:

5. Amniesa - The definition of hell:

6. Amnesia (again woof) - Same song over and over and the DJs didn't show:

7. XS - We appreciate the sentiment, weed is still illegal buddy:

Bonus Pacha NYC  - Yes it's beating someone while they are down, but this is too good to pass up.

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