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Interview: Amine Edge & Dance

Get into the minds of the French power duo before they make their return to The Bay
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Halcyon SF and Magnetic Magazine are proud to announce a new partnership on future events at The Bay area staple. Kicking off our new series is Amine Edge & Dance, the French titans who bring an unparalleled hip-hop swagger to house music. Before they return to Halcyon next Friday, the team sat down and dug into their minds, touching on topics of cuisine, fashion, and where their inspiration comes from. 

How do you pronounce "AMINE"?

AE&D: A is pronounced like the A in apple, and «mine » sounds like «mean».

We seriously argue about the proper pronunciation! Where did the name come from? OR How did you come up with the name?

AE: My name « Amine Edge ». It’s pretty simple… I was young and my old DJ name was awful. My first name is Amine (real name), and I picked Edge from Kevin Hedge from Blaze. I thought it sounded good so I kept it, but I was young so I don’t know.

D: My name is DANCE for some weird reasons... Not gonna get into it on this interview haha.

Next, your wardrobe. We think you are the best-dressed guys in the music business! Is that your French fashion sense?

AE&D: Thanks a lot, guys, really appreciate that! We love fashion a lot and of course, to dress well. To be honest, we are not really influenced by France in terms of fashion, but instead, we're inspired by the whole world. Everything inspires us. Every country has its own flavor and we take a lil bit of everything.

Where do you shop regularly?

AE&D: A lot of online shopping, but definitely in LA the most and then London.

We love French everything, especially the food. We actually consider ourselves Francophiles! What's your favorite meal on tour?

AE: That's good! We, French, have amazing food haha. When I travel I don’t take too many risks. I stick to the classics and always order room service… Caesar Salad, Salmon, stuff like that.

DANCE: It's hard to stay healthy when on tour because we’re always in a rush and sometimes we don't really have a ton of options. So, while I’m touring, I just eat sandwiches, burgers and a lot of fruit.

Any go-to cuisines you prefer?

AE: We’re talking about my biggest passion here which is food lol. I recently fell in love with Korean Barbecue, I love Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish, Brazilian, and French food of course. I can bring you anywhere and you will be amazed by my food knowledge haha.

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DANCE : I'm a big fan of Italian food; prosciutto, pancetta, pasta etc. Unfortunately, it's actually very hard to find a good Italian restaurant. Most of them only do shit pizzas.

You had a DEFECTED residency at Eden in Ibiza. What's it like spending the entire summer on the white isle?

AE&D: We had a dope residency with Defected! It was awesome and we were playing there 2 times a month. Unfortunately, we were just there for the gigs, and with a busy tour schedule between Europe & the US, we didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Ibiza outside of the Defected parties.

Did you eat much?

AE: I had paella everyday! haha

DANCE : Piadina!!! My favorite thing in the world!

Your awesome remix of LOVELEE DAE is at number 2 on Beatport! Congratulations! It's hard to believe the original is from 1999, almost 18 years old! Why that track?

AE&D: We are so happy about it. It’s actually from 1997 and one of Amine’s favorite classic all time so we felt compelled to re-work the track for 2017.

It was obvious that the beginning of the track was the banging part, so the balance between the high energy and the deep melody combined with the lyrics were perfect to re-make it into a banger for the present day dance floor.

It brings back SO many fond memories for those of us that were around back then! It's a beautiful, mesmerizing song.

What else are you listening too right now for inspiration?

AE: To be honest, we don’t listen to music to find inspiration. We listen to music because it's an addiction and then maybe every now and again a track can inspire our music. At the moment I'm listening on repeat to « Corbin - Mourn » and the Cozy Tape 2 from Asap Mob, oh and I’m listening to the Odd Future Mixtape 2 a lot for some reason.

DANCE : Yeah, I don’t listen to music specifically to find inspiration. At the moment, I’m on the new Majid Jordan album, the new Skepta - Vicious, Lil Pump's album is sick and of course, some old school R&B because this is what I love the most. 


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