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D&B fans - don't forget to vote in the Drum&BassArena Awards this year! Round 2 is open and closes on the 15th so get your word, heard! It's always a fun eve full of vibes, and camaraderie, and Andy C suffering leg cramp from scuttling up onto the stage so often - and that's something to be witnessed! Show the love and support for those that are out there doing the damn thing for the sake of our eardrums. Don't worry - I won't be writing the speeches for the night. Vote! Vote! Vote! But before that, here were the 15 best drum and bass tracks from October. 

Last time's antics

"Running - Friction ft. Raphaella [Shogun Audio]

I believe an ooof or an ooh-whee is in order here. Yes Friction is back at it again with another big tune.  

"Let You Go" - Rene LaVice ft. Jareth [RAM Records]

All hail the new prince of Tuesday night D&B on the BBC! Rene is just a bloody nice guy and Magnetic are over the moon for him regarding his new 1Xtra post. Check out the first stream here...

"Levelz" - The Prototypes ft. Mad Hed City [Get Hype]

You may remember this team up from 'Pop It Off' a few years ago - but if you don't, get acquainted quick! Mad Hed City gives this signature Prototypes jam, mad hype. Apparently, they're set to do a residency at Fabric soon too. Keep your peepers peeled for that.

"Sink" - Mizo ft. MC Coppa [EatBrain]

'Sink' scales great heights of ominous-ness. All heightened by the talents (and great pipes) of MC Coppa...

"Music is My Life" - Adam F & Mind Vortex [RAM Records]

Channeling a DJ Fresh-esque vibe here - we are talking uplifting, without compromising on guts.

"Hardcore Harry" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Go Harry! Go Harry! S.P.Y. brings the heat to the Hospital. 

"Eleven" - DC Breaks [RAM Records]

Free track from the 80's fanboys at DC Breaks... Stranger Things is everywhere right now and DC Breaks throw their hat into the ring with something of their own. Almost as badass and bitchin as Eleven. 

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Recommended Articles

"Pleasure Model" - Noisia ft. Former [Division Recordings]

Heavy-handed in the most delicious and uncomfortable way.

"Gaucho" - Culprate & Joe Ford [Open Outlets]

Absolutely rating this one. When the output is a bit different, a bit leftfield - that's when the magic happens.

"Gorilla" - Killer Hertz ft. Chris Girl Problem [Elevate Records]

No surprise that this is sitting on Fricko's label - hearty chops on it! Also, not sure why Chris is having so many girl problems, but if a track with Killer Hertz doesn't fix it - there's no hope mate.

"Fire Lit Sky" - Etherwood [Med School]

Beautiful vid shot in Finland where he wrote the new album. 100% smooth and chilled. Check out Woody's handpicked winter warmers if you're after a little more sizzle. 

"Primal Fire" - Bad Company UK ft. Sitka [RAM Records]

Cover yourself with marshmallows in preparation - this fire is one you're going to want to go revel in. Bad Company is always golden.

"Grimm" - Tantrum Desire [Technique Recordings]

And if the above track wasn't enough to melt your face like cheese on a toastie (think I'm hungry) then hobble face-first into this one from Tantrum Desire - audio annihilation!!!

"Love On A 45" - High Contrast [3Beat]

Taking the intensity down a notch with a Northern Soul inspired track, widely touted as the best damn thing from the new EP, Night Gallery. An EP for which he literally learned the guitar. Amazing.

"Care For Me" - Joe Ford & Document One [Shogun Audio]

Joe Ford stamping all over this chart! This time, in tandem with another duo of serious force as he steamrolls towards the release of his debut EP in 2018.

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