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Bjork Thinking Of Recording Utopia Live Album With More Flutes

More Flutes. More Flutes. More Flutes. More Flutes.
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Bjork released her ninth studio album Utopia on Friday, November 24th to rave reviews. She is already looking ahead to another version of the album sometime next year. Speaking to Beats 1, she revealed her plans to have a live album with one special feature – more flutes.

In an interview with host Matt Wilkinson, she said she wanted to record a live album with more flutes to emphasize that important part of the album more.

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"I want to take a little break and then maybe in spring arrive with an angle of the live album," she said in a short clip of the interview you can hear above. "I think there were a few things I didn’t completely explore, like more with soloists and mysterious kind of flute playing. And I’m gonna be rehearsing with the flute players here in Iceland. I just want it to happen organically in early spring. We have some additional flute songs and some different kind of angles." 

Listen to Utopia below if you haven't yet.

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